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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Toke Ayida Nee Makinwa Shares Her Private Wedding Pictures.

                                                  The Couple After The Ceremony
Toke Ayida Nee Makinwa got married to her heartthrob, Maje Ayida in a surprise weddding ceremony which took her, Toke by surprise. Hear her  "On the 15th of January 2014,  I got married to my lover and Best Friend. It was such an intimate event, I haven't stopped apologising to family and friends who feel slighted that they could not attend.
 I really did not wish to keep it a secret, If anything we would have loved to have all our loved ones there with us but this was our registry and  so much had happened between Maje and I in the last 3 months. Plus, it was such a huge surprise, I had no clue. I hate surprises but I must say, this one knocked me out of my elements because i usually suspect something is happening". Hehehehe!  I am not fully over it.
                                                     The bride to be getting ready
                           The Happy Groom                                      The Blushing Bride
                                                                  The Couple
                                                               Mr and Mrs Maje Ayida.
Congratulations to them both the Traditional and White wedding would be announced soon.

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