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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Susan Peters Fights Back

Rueben Abalti and his PHANTOM twitter Account

Dana Air Grounded

Although this does not bring respite or the loved ones back am glad dana air has been grounded and knowing nigerians they would never fly dana air. How i wish all dana services were suspended as well because they seem to have their tentacles in every sector of the economy....................stupid indians. How many Nigerians own airlines in india.

Google honours Dana air crash victims with black ribbon.

Am so sad right now and it hurts.

Gov Ameachi Post Governorship Largesse

Governor Rotimi Ameachi of River State signed a bill on the 31st of may which would basically ensure that he continues to enjoy the perks of the governor's office after leaving the office. The bill which is titles the Rivers State Governor Pensions and Fringe Benefits Bill 2012, is the brainchild of the execcutive and was forwarded from the Governor's Office to the House of Representatives for a speedy passage.

Gov Oshiomoles Secret Mansion

According to reports reaching us that governor oshiomole has a secret mansion where works are on going on the auchi okene road. we would keep you posted...................

Harold Demuren Suspended by the Senate.

Finally the DG of NCAA is facing the music the senate has asked him to step aside. The Minister of Aviation should face the music as well.