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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Face Somtin-HaHaHa

Hilarious Letter To All Lagos Girls.

Got This from Linda Ikejis Blog..............................

I just got this hilarious email from a paranoid LIB reader. She asked me to share it here as a warning to female LIB readers. Warning? Chai! Me gan I'm silly for sharing it, but let's have fun with it. Lol. See it below....

How To Care For Your Costume Jewellery.

Joke Of The Day.

Dog with Swag

YOLO OH........................

Bashir Tofa Falls Victim To Conmen In London

Presidential candidate of the NRC in the 1993 Presidential election that contested against MKO Abiola ,Bashir Tofa was more astonishing.

Gov Okorocha Working Out.

I wonder what he was or is trying to achieve doing this at the stadium. He looks uncomfortable like he is constipated and needs a poo. All i can say is that he is exhibiting signs and symptoms of an essentric.

Mannie Cool FM's OAP Disses Nigerian Musicians.

Cool FM OAP, Mannie has bared his mind on the state of music in Nigeria, describing it as appalling and lacking in content.

Please When Did it Become Okay To Have A Witch As A Doll For Little Girls.

They are an American line of Fashion Dolls released in 2012, they are the spin off of the BRATZ dolls and are supposed to be their cousins but get this they are WITCHES with special powers. They all have witch mark symbols and come with a spell scroll.                                                     

Former Benue State Governor Accuse Doyin Okupe Of Defrauding His Goverment.

Former Governor of Benue State George Akume has accused Doyin Okupe of defrauding his Goverment to the tune of 200million that he had won a contract while he was spokesperson for Ex President Olusegen Obasanjo and collected the funds for the cntract and did not fulfill his own side of the Contract............I wonder what ATTACK DOG would come out with now.

Man's Inhumanity To Man: Woman Burns Househelp With Hot Iron

9 year old Chinenye Emeka got her buttocks burnt with hot electric pressing iron by her guardian, Mrs. Ifechukwu Akabekwa, because she used the money given to her by a philanthropist to pay her school fees without the permission of her guardian.

Man Surrenders To Police After Kidnapping and Burying Prophetess Alive.

A 27-year-old man, who allegedly took part in the kidnap of a prophetess after which the woman was buried alive in his compound, has surrendered to the police eight months after the dastardly act. The suspect complained that the spirit of the prophetess was tormenting him.

Diesel Price Has Dropped Because Of Constant Electricity.

The demand for diesel has reduced significantly over the past few weeks, causing the price of the product to drop by 6.05 percent.
This follows a significant increase in power supply levels across the country, from the national grid, in the same period.

EME's American Scam Concerts.

This post is to inform everyone of the nonsense that some of our Nigerian musicians pull abroad. It is understood that there may be hiccups along the road of a tour, and some cancellations. This is not unique to our artists; it happens to artists all over. However, many of those who cancel their shows do so in a professional manner and make every effort to either refund their fans, or reschedule the show. EME has cancelled shows in the US in the rudest and most abrupt manner, and it needs to be known.

Consul-General Replies..........


My attention was drawn to an article written by Mr. Chika Onyeani in his weekly online newspaper “The African Sun Time” of August 14, 2012, on the unfortunate accident of 21st July, 2012, which claimed the lives of five Nigerians and left some wounded.  My prayers go to the families of those who lost their loved ones.  May the Almighty accept them unto His keeping and grant their families fortitude to bear this irreparable sad loss.  May God also quicken the recovery of the wounded ones and provide their families succor.

Suspected Boko Haram Members Killed By Their Bomb.

Its too graphic so you have to click here to see.

Consul-General Of Nigerian Embassy New York: “I’m a Muslim, I Can Never Enter a Church”

I’m a Muslim, I can never enter a Church,” so said the Consul-General of Nigeria in New York, Mr. Habib Abba Habu, responding to complaints from Nigerians that the Consulate never responded to the deaths of five Nigerians in a tragic and ghastly accident on the 21st of July, 2012.

Sasha P -- Bad Girl P

Cool beats and all. Eagerly awaiting the video though. Welldone Sasha P.

Gulder Ultimate Search 2012.


Eons ago an African King of great wealth and influence decided to build a dome around his kingdom’s treasures, in the center of the city. The walls of the dome were as tall as the clouds and a golden gate was mounted at the only entrance of the dome. After the dome was completed and stocked, the King handed the only key to the dome to his most trusted adviser, and ordained him the First Gatekeeper of the Kingdom’s fortune.

Thugs Batter Journalists Doing Their Job.

According to eye witness the journalists were in Ikeja when they noticed that many passengers were hanging on the train and they took photographs from a pedestrian bridge nearby.

People Mistake Her For Rihanna.....................................CHIMO!