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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mannie Cool FM's OAP Disses Nigerian Musicians.

Cool FM OAP, Mannie has bared his mind on the state of music in Nigeria, describing it as appalling and lacking in content.

The dread-locked singer turned OAP said this on the radio while hosting the Good Morning Nigeria show along with co-hosts, Shyne and Mercy. According to him, Nigeria’s music industry has suffered a loss of content recently which explains why the songs don’t last. ‘Why don’t new school songs last?’, he asked. He however gave kudos to late Fela his son Femi, 2Face and Psquare. I wonder who made him judge and jury though considering the fact that hes a musician as well and HAS NOT sang any meaningful song that we have heard. This is the case of removing the tree in your eye before removing the speck in your brothers.

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