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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Woman Butchered By Her Husband(Viewer Discretion Is Advised).

Am yet to confirm but would find out where in the country it happened. The woman was caught cheating by her husband and this is what he did to her.(Viewer Discretion is Advised)

Is Empress Njamah Bleaching.

 Hmmm the picture above was taken at 2-face birthday party but the empress we all know and love used to look like this now I don't know what to say please people should beg her to stop  destroying herself. Her knuckles are black her face is white. Doesn't she know black is beautiful. She's  so pretty. The Diffrence is clear like 7up.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Beauty Queen Has Quarter Of Her Skull Removed And Stored In Her Stomach And Later Re-Attached.

Jamie HiltonJamie Hilton
Before the surgery and after the surgery.

A former beauty queen has undergone an incredible surgery where a quarter of her skull was removed and stored in her stomach while she recovered from a devastating head injury.
Surgeons removed the rear quarter of Jamie Hilton's skull and placed in her abdomen so that the bone would remain sterile and nourished as her brain swelling subsided.
When the mother-of-three and former Mrs. Idaho woke up from the operation she found the large, hard lump in her stomach and a portion of her head missing.
The skull remained in her abdomen for 42 days until it was re-attached in a successful operation and now, three months after her near death experience. Now shes back home and recovering well.

Peter Okoye “Hitting A Woman Doesn’t Make You A Man, It Makes You An Animal”.

Peter Okoye on Twitter

HORROR-'Beautiful' Family Slain Hours After Church By 'Mentally Ill Father Who Was Tormented By The Torture Of Obama Winning The Election.

Gone: Albert Peterson, left, shot dead his wife Kathleen, right, and two sons hours after going to church. The couple is pictured on January 4, 2010.
Albert Peterson shot dead his wife and two sons hours after going to church because he dreaded the thought of Obama winning the election.

Brooke Sheilds Past Comes Back To Haunt Her.

Suspicious: This image of Brooke Shield's allegedly smoking cannabis with hardcore punk artiste H.R was leaked on the internet

The caption read "Here is a photo of Brooke Shields smoking pot with H.R". Though her rep denies vehemently we are not blind.

Couple Dress Up As Batman And Robin To Renew Vows.

Batman wedding
Comic-mad Neil and Shirley Armstrong rom Lincoln, both 40, even walked down the aisle to the iconic theme from the 60s TV show.

How Do You Feel About Our Naira Depreciating More.

The Naira is expected to depreciate further in 2013 as government is basing its medium term expenditure on an exchange rate of N160 to the dollar next year and beyond.
According to government official exchange rate estimate for the just submitted medium term expenditure framework of the government, the Naira will be officially exchanged at N160 in 2013, 2014 and 2015. As at today, the Naira exchange, at N156 to the dollar. At the inter-bank market the naira is currently exchanging at N156 to the dollar while at the open market it is being exchanged at N160 to the dollar.

Picture Of The Day- H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

Say cheese! These three women had just been snorkeling in the Cayman Islands when this stingray leapt on their backs during a photo op

Awwwwww poor ladies it was supposed to be a fun snap of their holiday, but the picture quickly became a moment of sheer panic for these three ladies when a stingray decided it wanted a piece of the action.
As they smiled for the camera, the fish lurched out of the sea and landed on their backs just in time for the shutter. On closer inspection, however, it appears the stingray had some help from a prankster.
A man's head can be seen in the background and it is likely he is holding the fish in place.
Either way, it's hilarious nonetheless.

“In Our Quest For Justice, We Will Not Tire, We Will Not Falter, We Will Not Fail- Japheth Omojuwa.

By Japheth Omojuwa

In the Land of many victims, the man who dares the oppressor is seen to be mad. For that, I admit my madness.

According To NEMA 1 Million More Nigerians May Die

Over one million Nigerians may die due to the effect of flooding if no precautionary measure is taken, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has said.

Strange Beast Killed In Madonna University.

According to the students, a small ravaging beast was initially killed by security personnel at the campus.
Few minutes later, a bigger beast that came for revenge was also killed. Me am not buying this shaaa it looks like a skinned camel/vulture/chicken or maybe an experiment gone WRONG. I wish someone had taken the pictures from diffrent angles that way we have a clear view of the beast/animal

Sanusi Says "Do Not Tamper With CBN Autonomy"

“Do not tamper with CBN autonomy,” This was contained in a message issued out yesterday to the National Assembly by the CBN boss, Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and former Information Minister, Frank Nweke (Jr). “Politicians and even the executive think short term. The CBN thinks long term. If you allow politicians to control the CBN, we will not achieve anything. Politicians will never allow us to manage inflation, interest rate simply because they want to win election.” As far as I know this man hasn't said anything sensible for us to support the 5,000 note yet. We are still waiting.

Another Bomb Factory Discovered In Kano State.

Kano State police command has uncovered another bomb factory at Hawan-Hotoro, on the outskirts of Kano, just as the command arrested two suspects in connection with the factory.According to the police commissioner, items recovered at the factory included detonators, concentrated salt, ammonia nitrate, battery charger, laptops, IEDs, four AK-47 rifles and about eight fully-loaded magazines.

Patience Jonathan Suffers From Parkinsons Disease- Sahara Reporters.

By SaharaReporters, New York
Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, is battling an onset of Parkinson’s disease that has complicated her recovery from a surgical procedure in Germany, several reliable sources have disclosed to SaharaReporters.

President Jonathan Addresses Empty Seats At UN Assembly.

At the UN General Assembly President Goodluck Jonathan told the United Nations Thursday that Nigeria’s “robust” approach to neutralizing a threat posed by Islamist sect, Boko Haram using military force, holding indirect talks with the group and improving education in the North is paying off".

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

MI Gets Punked Naija Style.

HaHaHa Enjoy.

Viewer Discretion- Freshly Born Twins Found In Refuse Bin In Onitsha.

People in Onitsha woke up to this horrid sight sunday morning. I feel so upset at least the mother should have gievn these babies up for adoption. Its really sad, I had identical twins and lost one and the pain a feel is upseting to see someone throw their babies away. Only God knows if they were dead sef. God help us.

Nigerian Male Musicians Are Rebranding And Repackaging.

First it was Timaya (plantain boy) who let his locks go then Basket mouth then Waconzy now the latest is Terry G, am loving his looks though. Remaining Paul Okoye.......................Jokes on you all.