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Monday, 15 April 2013

Psy Is Back With Gentleman.

Gangham Style crooner is back with Gentleman, enjoy.

Father Who Whipped Daughters For Twerking Arrested.

Vicious: Greg Horn, 35, has been charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment after he beat his two daughters for posting a 'twerking' video on Facebook
A father who was caught on camera whipping his teenage daughters with cable wire( Read Here), has been charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment, authorities said on Thursday. Greg Horn, 35, allegedly beat his two daughters, aged 12 and 14, after he caught them filming a 'twerk' video and posting it on Facebook at their home in Dayton, Ohio.  'Twerking' is a sexually provocative dance move that involves gyrating the lower body.

What Would You Do If Your Child Did This?

Because televisions shouldn't be covered in clay:
Situations like this are not uncommon when you have kids especially young kids, my son did something like this and i didnt know what to do i just took a picture for the future. LoL.

Common Mistakes Men Make - Praise Fowowe.

Misunderstanding Headship In The Home
He never saw his father serve his mother so how could he be expected to be romantic? He never saw his father in the kitchen so how can you expect him to serve her breakfast in bed? His perception of himself as a husband is summarized as ‘I am the lion of the tribe of my home’ so he expects compliance with instructions and believes he has absolute powers. Every decree he makes is meant to favor his course and strengthen his rulership. He joined his father in front of the TV while his sister worked with mum in the kitchen so he had no idea of what it means to cook because it was classified as ‘women’s work’ Now he is so frustrated with his wife because he couldn’t understand why she would want to improve herself professionally and doesn’t even understand her quest to develop herself.

Halle Berry Rocking Her Bump.

Halle Berry is not letting expectancy slow her down. The actress recently told the press that she is still planning to portray Storm in the upcoming ‘X-Men’ sequel despite being pregnant with her second child.
Halle is expecting her and fiance Olivier Martinez’s first child together. The actress also has a daughter named Nahla by French model Gabriel Aubry. The actress intends to have her baby in France.

What Is Foluke Daramola Wearing!

What is she putting on in the name of makeup like my cousin said she looks like a paraga seller, she almost applied blush to her ears, its like she was painting her face maybe she thought her face was canvas, or maybe nepa took the light............. i do hope shes pregnant else the outfit didnt do her justice neither did she pack her knockers well. Oh well maybe her hubby loves her like that.

Young Lady Harassed For Wearing A Short Dress.

Oh my Lord, i saw this video on SDK blog , though they say its an old video , its sickening and sad to watch, these men behaved Barbaric by pulling up her dress and abusing her even slapping her bum, it sounded like they were speaking Igbo....................am glad some women came to her rescue. If you wacth this video to the end you would see a fellow woman helping the men to pull up her dress to. God help us oh.

Massive Explosion Rocks Boston Marathan. ****Viewer Discretion Is Advised.****

Two people have been killed and 23 injured after two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, police say. The blasts shattered the carnival atmosphere of one of the biggest sporting events in the US, causing panic and confusion. Bloodied victims were initially rushed to a medical tent set up to care for fatigued runners. Emergency services descended on the scene, which was quickly locked down. The cause of the explosions has yet to be confirmed.

Breaking News: Gbemileke Oscar and Titi Oyinsan Welcome Twins.

Gbemileke And His Daughters
The On Air personality welcomed twin girls this evening. Though we don't know much about the delivery. We say congratulations to them.