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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Rita Dominic Leaves New York In Style.

Delhi Rape Gang Sentenced To Death By Hanging.

A Delhi court found Akshay Singh Thakur, 28, guilty of the gang rape and murder a 23-year-old studentPawan Gupta, 19, was found guilty of the gang rape and murder a 23-year-old student
Singh Thakur (left), 28, and Pawan Gupta (right), 19
Mukesh Kumar, 26, found guilty of the gang rape and murder a 23-year-old studentVinay Sharma, 20, was convicted of the gang rape and murder a 23-year-old student
Vinay Sharma (left), 20, and Mukesh Kumar, 26
Four men were yesterday sentenced to death by hanging for the gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus. An Indian court ruled the men should go to the gallows for the attack which left the 23-year-old woman with such severe internal injuries she died two weeks later. The judge said the ultimate punishment was needed as a ‘strong deterrent’ after a case that ‘shocked the conscience’ of a nation. Finally justice is served. Death penalty................hmmmmmmmmm

British Journalist Stands By Story On Gold Iphones.

Simon Osborne, the British  journalist, who reported that the Federal Government ordered 53 customised gold-plated iPhone 5S mobile handsets valued at  N682m from a company based in the  United Kingdom, has said he will stand  by his story. In an exclusive online interview with our correspondent on Thursday, Osborne said he is “annoyed’’ that the Chief Executive Officer of Gold and Co, Amjad Ali, “changed his story’’ after an online protest had greeted the development from Nigeria. Osborne who writes for The Independent newspaper in London argued that Ali “stated clearly’’ that the order for the phones came from the Nigerian government as part of the memorabilia for the nation’s 53rd independence anniversary from Britain. While explaining the circumstances that led to the denial, the British journalist said he pressed Ali for further clarification, after some persons claiming to be spokesmen for the government  challenged him (Osborne) over the report.

Justin Bieber Smoked Weed So Much I Needed Oxygen.

Justin Bieber is officially a member of the mile high club ... TMZ has learned. Sources high up in the sky tell TMZ ... Justin and a group of his boyz got ridiculously high in their SUV on the way to the airport for a coast-to-coast flight on a private jet.  When the doors opened on the tarmac, the pilot tells us smoke billowed out, adding, "I almost had to put on an oxygen mask. The pilot says Justin was "baked out of his mind" on the flight  ...  so much so his head spun when he was asked to sign a credit card authorization, saying "huh, what? Who am I signing this for?

Justin Bieber And Daddy.

Made his day: Justin's father Jeremy Bieber (pictured) tweeted how happy he was for his son to be by his side
Jeremy And Justin Bieber.

Blast From The Past - Tunde Kelani Cinematographer Extraodinaire

Same face though, hes been at this for a long time. Nice .

Naomi Campbell Rocks Dress She Wore 21 Years Ago.

Fashion flashback: Naomi Campbell rocked the same Atelier Versace dress she had worn some 21 years ago as she attended the Novak Djokovic Foundation's 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala at Capitale in New York City earlier this weekFashion flashback: Naomi Campbell rocked the same Atelier Versace dress she had worn some 21 years ago as she attended the Novak Djokovic Foundation's 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala at Capitale in New York City earlier this week
For most women, the thought of being able to pull off the same dress they wore 21 years ago is virtually inconceivable. But Naomi Campbell rolled back the years in a fashion flashback as she rocked a bondage-style dress she first wore more than two decades ago earlier this week. While most mere mortals would be unable to pull off the daring Atelier Versace gown at any age, the 43-year-old supermodel well and truly impressed as she posed up a storm on the red carpet at the Novak Djokovic Foundation's 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala at Capitale in New York. Naomi first wore the striking ensemble in 1992 when she was just 22 as part of a Versace advertising campaign. She looks good though, would like to wear my wedding dress made by Yemi Kosibah 20 years from now.

Kaduna House of Assembly Bans Foreign Health Trips For Ex-Governors And Deputies.

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Governor Mukhtar Yero.
The Kaduna State House of Assembly Thursday passed into law a bill to stop the state governor and deputy governor from using the state resources to fund their medical bills abroad after leaving office. The lawmakers also stopped furniture and office accommodation allowances for former governor and deputy governor. The passage of the law, which now reads Pension and Gratuity (Governor and Deputy Governor) Amendment Law, 2013, followed its third reading on the floor of the House yesterday and runs against the proposal by the Executive of the state, which stated that the duo should enjoy free medical treatment in and outside the country with his/her immediate members of the family. The law is now amended to read former governor and deputy governor be treated in any government hospital within the country with his/her four family members. Good call i hope the other Governors follow suit.
The Nigerian Voice.

Kanye West Charged With Battery In Paparazzi Case.

Kanye West Tussles With A Photographer At LAX
kanye-paparazzi-1Kanye West calmly man-handles a paparazzi
It looks like Kanye West‘s temper has finally caught up with him. The notoriously private rapper is now being sued by the photographer who he allegedly took swings at on July 19. The paparazzo, Daniel Ramos, has hired high-profile attorney Gloria Allred to represent him in the suit. Gloria says the attack seriously injured her client, who went to hospital after the incident, according to a new report from TMZ. If Kanye is convicted of both misdemeanors, he could spend up to one year behind bars.

New Full Proof Remedy For Cheating Better HALVES.

Am sure some of you would wish you had this.......Laugh wan kill me die, some men deserve this though and some would still break the padlock and unleash their weapons of carnage. Maybe someone should come up with this.
DJ Sose Instagram.

Supposed Letter Former EFCC Chairman Farida Waziri Wrote To Obasanjo To Ask For Support.

I dont know who released this letter but i see it as political blackmail because she openly chastised Obasanjo for his uncouth statement concerning her appointment and her person.

Mixed Marriage Under The Spotlight In UAE.

There is nothing inherently right or wrong with mixed marriages, however, half-Emiratis will always be different in a country which places so much emphasis on being pure Emirati, Gulf News has learnt.
With the number of Emiratis marrying foreigners on the rise, the Federal National Council (FNC) has discouraged mixed marriages and encouraged Emiratis to marry their fellow countrywomen.
“The marriage grants should be granted to more Emirati men to discourage them marrying foreigners,” said Ali Eisa Al Nuaimi, an FNC member. “Many lectures have been held by the fund for parents across the UAE warning them of the negative impacts which might result from Emiratis marrying foreigners,” she said.
The fund has also increased awareness of religious, cultural and social family principles via campaigns across the country.

I Like Girls - Lady GAGA.

'I like girls': Lady Gaga opened up about her lesbian past during an interview with Andy Cohen on his show Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night
Andy Cohen Chats With Lady Gaga.
Andy Cohen was not quite prepared for Lady Gaga's openness when it comes to her sexual past during her appearance on his late night talk show, Watch What Happens Live, on Wednesday night. Clutching onto a glass of pinot grigio wine, the controversial singer proceeded to go into graphic detail about her penchant for the same sex. The 27-year-old, who is a famous supporter of LGBT, spoke about experimenting with women, claiming that lesbians are 'more daring' than men. 'I like girls,' she said in the X-rated chat. 'I've said that (before). I know people think I just say things to be shocking, but I actually do like p***y. It just depends on whose p***y it is.' 'It's similar to how I feel about guys,' she added. The world has truly gone MAD. Very soon lying with an animal would be okay. Where do we draw the line please. 

Former Governor Of Ondo State Olusegun Agagu Is Dead.

140913F.Olusegun-Agagu.jpg - 140913F.Olusegun-Agagu.jpg
Former governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Agagu, is dead. He was 65. Eddy Olafeso, former Ondo State Commissioner for Information, said Agagu slumped and died yesterday evening during a meeting at his residence in Lagos. Another source said the former governor had been sick for sometime now, and had just returned to the country after a medical trip abroad. The source said further that when the traditional ruler of the ex-governor (Orofun 1 of Ijodo, Oba J.T Timola) died about three weeks ago, he could not come for the burial, but only sent condolence message from abroad, even though the late king was his family member. When contacted last night, the Personal Assistant to the late governor, Sunday Oyepitan said: “I am so devastated. I can’t talk to you right now. He was hale and hearty. He came back from the United States last week.” May he rest in peace. Amen.
ThisDay Live.