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Monday, 24 September 2012

What Ellen And Portia Wore To The Emmy's

Blondes have more fun: Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi arrive hand-in-hand... with similar cropped hairstyles

One Word Uggggggly

Wonder: Two Headed Snake.

Head of snake: While snakes with two heads alongside each other have been found in the wild before, this one has a head on each end of its body - and they appear to take shifts on which one is in control

Couple Record Live Birth Of Their Baby.

Rohan Marley Slams Wyclef Calls Him A Liar.

Don't stir it up: Bob Marley's son Rohan has slammed Wyclef Jean for claiming Lauryn Hill told him he fathered their child
He recently made headlines after claiming Lauryn Hill told him he had fathered her first child.
But former Fugees star Wyclef Jean has been blasted by the boy's true father Rohan Marley, who has accused him of him of spreading 'bulls***' to make money. Wyclef alleged in his tell all book that he and Lauryn had an affair. All this 'he said she said' is beginning to wear me out, oya lauryn should speak after-all they said its only the woman who knows the father of her child abi.

Naked Man Caught Buying Newpapers This Morning.

'As you do': The man bought a newspaper at Stevenage train station this morning clad only in a pair of white pants and sandals
The sight of this semi-naked man browsing a train station news stand left early-morning commuters spluttering into their cappuccinos today. This is not the way to start the week someone tweeted.
It was found out he was a prankster working for a radio station. Wrong on all levels.

Crocodile Escapes From Cage In Flight.

The crocodile was found to have escaped from its cage in flight and was in the cargo hold when the flight touched down in Melbourne , Australia. This crocodile was found wandering around the cargo hold of a Qantas flight from Brisbane to Melbourne today

Turkish Divers Rush To Save Sex Doll They Thought Was Drowing.

Beach-goers in Turkey saw what appeared to be a drowning women floating in the Black Sea, but it turned out to be an inflatable doll
When rescuers in Turkey thought they had saved a woman from drowning in the Black Sea they must have been a little deflated.

Woman Urinates On Subway In New York and Proceeds To Take a Bath .


Before and After Photos.

People are experimenting with their pictures of old. Looks fun though.

The Jokes On Them.

A well known trickster glued a dummy Iphone5 to the ground to trick people into thinking it was real. and your guess is as good as mine, alot of people fell for it.
Exclusive: The coveted smartphone does not go on sale in the Netherlands until Friday, but the boys at iPhone5.nl somehow got their hands on one ahead of the release
Watch video after cut

Hundreds Of Skinny Dippers Brace The Cold To Break World Record.

Druridge Bay
Hundreds of people ran into the sea naked as temperatures plummeted in an attempt to set a new world record for the biggest ever skinny dip.
A crowd of just over 200 people stripped off and ran into the sea at sunrise for The North East Skinny Dip in Druridge Bay, Northumberland, but failed to break the record.

2Face Idibia's New Video - Ihe Neme Video

Hit Or Miss.

Women Speak Up In Support Of "Reducing Domestic Violence"

In support of Peace One Day's Global Truce 2012 'Reducing Domestic Violence' Campaign and in celebration of Peace Day which took place on the 21st of September, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa is creating awareness of the human and emotional cost of domestic violence by launching a short Eliminate Domestic Violence documentary which voices the experiences of gender-based violence victims.

Please Listen and Learn.

 Unfortunately i cant copy and or upload for some strange reason, but its about corruption in Nigeria. http://t.co/CKgvm1H

Atiku To Contest 2015.

Hmmm doesnt this man ever give up. he has promised to contest against President Goodluck in fact he has started renovating his campaign offices all over Nigeria. We wish him the very best though i have my reservations.

HaHaHa Tracy Morgans Stunt At The Emmys Attracts 2500 Tweets

During the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards, host Jimmy Kimmel urged viewers to take to Twitter and type about comedian Tracy Morgan passing out on stage, instantly sparking 25,000 tweets. Of course he didnt really pass out he did it to attract more people to tune into ABC. LOL Smart move tracy.

Mr Ibu Okafor's Interview.

He gave this interview to Golden Icons, though i dont agree with some things he said hes correct on some. Watch interview below.   

Wickedness on Rampage: Girlfriend Bathes Boyfriends Privates In Acid.

Wonders shall never end oh, though i don't know where this happened but the Girlfriend suspected her boyfriend of cheating on her and instead of confronting him she created the impression they were going to have a romantic rendezvous and instead tied him to the bed and bathed his privates in Acid. Its was his screams that attracted neighbours who saved him. *viewer discretion is advised*.