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Monday, 27 August 2012

Naeto C ft D'Banj - Tony Montana (Bad Pass) Remix

Blast Form The Past-Obama's

Awwwwwwww How Cute.

More To Come From The Harry Saga.

Prince Harry was seen in Las Vegas admiring a tall blonde
As we all remember last week ws a very tough week for Prince Harry, but one lone source has claimed the nude strip billiards picture of the Prince is nothing compared with the rest of the story.
A single quote from an anonymous source, used by celebrity blogger Norm Clark on his Las Vegas gossip
page, says: 'Something pretty gigantic' is involved; something more serious than 'strip billiards'.


HaHaHa..............................i Laugh.

K-Solo And Wife Apologise and Say They Were Acting.

K-Solo and Wife Kike appeared on Channels TV Entertainment show to debunk rumours of their marriage coming to an end. Apologizing to their fans and the public that they were just acting.

Azazi Has Killed Us.

Andrew Azazi's Aso drive Mansions

Azazi's Aso Drive By Masion.

Based on his annual salary as National Security Adviser, Mr Azazi would have to serve for 274 years to earn N1.5 billion, the value of one his new Abuja homes.
Andrew Owoeyi Azazi, a retired military general, recently sacked by the president as National Security Adviser, has retired into posh multi billion naira Abuja homes, which cost far above his known earnings, a PREMIUM TIMES investigation has revealed

According to Reuben Abati

“You say he is a clueless President. You are wrong. He is not clueless,” he said. ”President Jonathan is a clever, methodical and intelligent man, who is very adept at wrong footing all the persons who make an effort to second-guess or under-estimate him.” WE HEAR YOU.

Was The Sun Newspapers Right To Publish Prince Harrys Nakey Pictures!!!!

UK press was banned from publishing pictures of naked Prince Harry by the royal family. The royal family lawyers threatened legal action and St James’s Palace warned that the pictures were a gross invasion of the young royal’s privacy.

Tunde and Wunmi Obe Plan To Return To TV.

Celebrity couple Tunde and Wunmi Obe have hinted their plan to return to our television screens with their own show. " we are coming back on a whole new level..."
They further talked about the concept for the show
 “We haven’t really come up with a name.  It’s gonna be a variety show, it’s gonna be in different segments and we might be involving one or two people of like minds. All I can say is; It’s gonna be hilarious.”
Tunde and Wunmi Obe became popular with their television appearance on The Charly Boy Show and Zoom Time. Meanwhile yesterday was Tundes Birthday. We wish him a very Happy Birthday and many more celebrations to come. Amen.

Grammy Museum Honours Whitney

 The Grammy Museum recently unveiled a tribute to Whitney Houston as one of their latest collections. The tribute was put together by family members to celebrate the life of the late R&B icon. The exhibit, titled “Whitney! Celebrating the Musical Legacy of Whitney Houston,” features items such as her dresses, some of her Grammy awards, film scripts, modeling shots and personal memorabilia.

Woman Gives Birth To Grandson For Daughter.

  Angel and Madden
Linda Sirois of Madawaska,49, carried and delivered baby Madden Hebert, because her daughter Angel Hebert, 25, has a heart condition which would make pregnancy unsafe. The healthy baby was born on Aug 13.