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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Reports are coming that there been multiple explosions in d Kano State...............More details to follow shortly!

ALERT! Many displaced in Aboru flood.


            Aboru a subhurb of Lagos state has  been in the news again not for good reasons but for flood, which has claimed the lives of 5 residents. Mnay people have been displaced by the flood. Please the LASG should come to the aid of Aboru residents. Thank You

K-STEW is Worlds highest actress.

According to Forbes  Kristin Stewart is Hollywoods highest paid actress, the actress has displaced Angelina Jolie. She earned an estimated $34.5million between May 2011 and May 2012. She was also able to demand an extra $12.5million per film including a share of the profits cos she realised she was indispensable to the studio as well as the Twilight Saga Series.

ALERT! Kaduna Boils Again.

An explosion of fresh violence has hit kaduna again with arsons and reports of gunshots reported across the city. Areas like Uguwan Yero, Badarawa, Malali and parts of Ugwan Dosa Kawo area boiled with violence wednesday afternoon. Houses were torched and people saw women and children fleeing the affected areas. Sldiers arrived Badarawa area shooting sparodically to dispense the crowd gathered. Since tuesday night Kaduna has been tense. With attacks spreading to Abj-Kd expressway.

MBGN Isabella Ayuk Disqualified after declaring false age.

Now they mystery of Isabella Ayuk would not be representing Nigeria in the Miss World pageant in Mongolia,China!  People close to her have come out to say she falsified her age infact her younger sisters friend confirmed that while isabbela claimed to be 26 yrs she s actually older because her younger sister is 27. My question is why was proper investigation not taken before these young ladies are presented to the public. Allegations are been thrown out into the open that the Silverbird Group know her exact age but choose to let her contest because shes dating Honourable Emeka Ihedioha, Deputy speaker House of Reps.
                                  CORRUPTION ON TOP MBGN. What a shame and disgrace!


You're a fool. RT : Y can't Christians target one friday and bomb these idiots in their mosques?

Third Mainland Bridge to be closed for repairs!

Coven of Salem Witches Appears in Court to support stripper arrested after deadly drunk driving impaled passenger.

A coven of witches in Salem Massachusetts,appeared in court to support a local stripper who was arrested on drunk driving charges after she crashed her car killing her passenger.
Apparently the stripper Angelique Catherine Griffin is very active in the local wiccan community while her uncle is a warlock. Thats why her people came out en-mass to support her. These people are getting bold oh.

Future King- Prince Charles and Princess Anne

Awwwwwww how cute.