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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bruce Jenner Then And Now.

Speaking out: Bruce Jenner has spoken out about his horror at the Sandy Brook school massacre, revealing he went to a nearby Connecticut school as a teenBruce seen here in a high school photo from 1967
Bruce today and as a High School Student 1967.

Kim K's New Look.

New look: Kim put her locks in the trusted hands of hairdresser to the stars Chris McMillan

Miley Cyrus Wild 20th Birthday Celebration.

No longer a teenager: The following day the actress and singer shared this photo and claimed she'd had a 'great night'

The actress and singer's 20th birthday party at a Hollywood house, the star can be seen getting very friendly with a stripper.

HOAX- Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

Imagine how distraught the family would have been if the eagle succeeded, God forbid. Thank God IT did  not. I think the eagle dropped the baby because the baby was heavy to lift. Well it was a Computer Generated Imagine done by some university students. Am glad it turned out untrue.

ENDTIMES- I Have My Reservations................But Would Let You Be The Judge Of That.

An Aunt sent me this Video, I don't believe in the world coming to an end on the 21st because only God knows the end from the beginning so no one can predict exactly when its going to be but we cant fail to notice or observe the strange predictions that have come to pass no thanks to Nostradamus. Well I would leave you all to be the Judge. I know we are in the End-times because the signs are glaring for all to see. But someone predicting the exact date.......AM NOT BUYING. Call me a NAYSAYER, I know my Bible and that's what I stand on. My brother was speaking to me two days ago of how Gangham style has swept the world and of how we all seem to gyrate to the sound of what we don't know the meaning of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I been to preachy? The facts are there for all to see. Am ready to meet my maker, ARE YOU?
Heres the Video Link if you cant view it.

Erykah Badu's Cute Little Angels.

Mars 3 and Puma 8 are daughters of Erykah Badu. Whose fathers are Jay electronica and D.O.C. Respectively.

Kellie Williams Jackson (Laura Winslow From Family Matters.) And Family.

Former child star Kellie Williams-Jackson who acted as Laura Winslow in TV comedy Family Matters. She married husband Hannibal Jackson 2009 and have two kids. I wont have known she was the one. She looks so different.