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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mercy Abang Speaks On Domestic Violence Via Twitter.

2hAbang Mercy ‏@AbangMercy
You get battered by your spouse and you get the story about hell fire when you leave. He kills you and you make hell because of anger
Did you know that one in every two Nigerian woman is abused by her partner? Now you know, take a walk
Only in Nigeria,you beat up your wife, you go on air to promote a brand. 
Last tweet is for whoever Presents the show "Who wants to be a millionaire'' 
A system that promotes illegality,a celebrity beats his wife,keeps his show and stay with the celebrity status
"If we must speak of peace, we must speak of the peace that comes from our homes'' 
"World insecurity is a reflection of what we do not have in our homes''

It all started with the wellbeing foundation doing a video to promote peace day and interviewed the wives of Frank Edoho and Zaaki Adzay.  Where the women spoke about the abuse they surffered in the hands of their husbands. Me thinks something should be done about these men because that would send a message to other wife beaters. SMH.

Two Businessmen Fight For Cab In New York.

Eleyi leh oh.

Illegal Immigrant Caught Trying To Sneak Into Spain As Passenger Seat.

Are you sitting comfortably, now? This illegal immigrant was caught trying to enter Spain hidden in a car seat

Vigilant police caught the 20-year-old man from Guinea attempting to sneak into the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco over the Beni-Enzar crossing on Friday.

UK Based Nigerian Doctor Convicted Of Sexual Assault.

Convictions: Dr. Benjamin Obukofe outside Leicester Crown Court where he was found guilty of two sexual assaults

Dr Benjamin Amrakpovughe Obukofe, an Alumni of University Of Ibadan , MB BS 1990, was found guilty by a court last year of sexually assaulting two colleagues at Spire Hospital in Leicestershire as well as Milton Keynes General Hospital , Hertfordshire. He had seven counts of sexual assault involving five females – three nursing staff, a clerical employee and a 16-year-old trolley hostess from the two hospitals. Christopher Kessling, prosecuting judge, claimed at the start of the trial that Obukofe was a "sexual menace" who made persistent approaches to female members of staff. Though his defendant claimed that her clients friendly behaviour was misunderstood and that it was a "witch-hunt" against him.
Although the married father was given a suspended prison sentence and put on the sex offenders register for seven years, he has not been struck off and will be free to work within a year in the United Kingdom. I dont even know what to believe. Are we not supposed to feel safe with our Doctors.

Kim K's Fashion Faux Pas.

She was spotted on Monday in Miami Beach wearing a skirt short. Is that even possible sef. The bizarre ensemble featured black piping, peplum sides, and from the front, appeared to be shorts, while from the back, appeared to be a skirt. Apparently its called SKORTS.
.Suiting up: While shopping in Miami on Monday, Kim Kardashian covered her figure in a 'skorts-suit' Suiting up: While shopping in Miami on Monday, Kim Kardashian covered her figure in a 'skorts-suit'

Rihanna Is Prays For Chris Brown Ahead Of His Court Hearing.

Sombre: Chris Brown looked in serious mood as he listened to the judge speak at Monday's Downtown Los Angeles hearing
Tweets of support: Rihanna told Brown she was 'praying for him' while he responded: 'thank you so much'

Some people NEVER learn shaa.

Words On Marble By DJ Sose.

I recently watched Dayo Ephraim of HIP TV interview DJ Sose real name 'Soseneyayi' and  I heard Sose say " real men cook". He said this when Dayo asked him if at al he cooked and what was his favourite Mama Put meal  he said Pounded Yam and Ogbono. Now that's a keeper. I hope other men are listening. Me thinks someone should drag him to the altar. HaHaHa. DJ Sose I respect.

Whats Up With Ladies Been Stripped For Stealing.

A female undergraduate, simply identified as Chisom from one of the tertiary institutions in Imo State was last weekend stripped naked for stealing a Blackberry phone in a very popular night club in Owerri.

Woman Gives Birth To Half Goat Half Baby In Jigawa State.

Wonders they say shall never end how does one explain this occurrence that has happened to this woman three other times before this recent incident. some people are alleging she had sex with a goat I doubt that very much though d baby looks like he or she didn't form very well the so called hoof people are saying the baby was born with its his toes that didn't separate or grow properly while it was in his mom's tummy. What i dont know is if the baby survived or was a still born. God would deliver her from this situation. In Jesus Name. Amen.

The Bully Called Sanusi By Dele Momodu

The Bully Called Sanusi
22 Sep 2012
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By Dele Momodu

Fellow Nigerians, please permit me to borrow the cliché that “whatever has a beginning must have an end.” This is the only way I can describe what seems to be an end to Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s reign of recklessness and authoritarianism at the Central Bank of Nigeria. Even if he remains in office till 2014 when his tenure mandatorily expires, he has already waltzed his way into a cul-de-sac.