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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Socialite At The Center Of Cheeky Butt Grab Says She Wasn't Expecting The Uproar.

'I knew his hand was on my butt': Socialite Lana Scolaro has spoken about the controversial Instagram photo which has gone viral of married singer Robin Thicke grabbing her
The girl at the centre of the Robin Thicke butt-grabbing saga has spoken out - claiming she wasn't expecting the uproar the cheeky photo op caused. Socialite Lana Scolaro, a student living in New York City, posted the not-so-innocent picture of the married Blurred Lines singer groping her bottom to her Instagram page following Sunday night's MTV VMAs. While the heavily-made-up blonde says she was aware that the 36-year-old gave her derriere a squeeze at the time, she was surprised to discover later that it was visible in the reflection of the mirror behind them. Meanwhile the Thicke's have remained tight lipped. Naughty Robin.

The Greatest Song I Have Ever Written Is My Son - Pharrell Williams.

Pharell, His Wife Helen and Son Rocket.
Pharrell Williams is responsible for creating several hits, including ‘Hot In Herre’ recorded by Nelly, but his greatest achievement is his son. The rapper and producer, who wrote a theme song for Despicable Me in honor of his little one, recently told TODAY that ”The best song that I’ve ever co-written was my son.”
Pharrell doted on his newlywed wife, Helen Lasichanh saying, “It’s awesome. I can’t tell anyone what to do. I can’t tell anyone what to do. I can’t give anyone relationship advice, but the bestie thing is awesome. It’s like a sleepover every night.” As a successful performer and producer Pharrell only has one goal in mind: “More music.” Pharrell and Helen welcomed Rocket into the world in November 2008. The couple reportedly wed earlier this month. This one nah last . com , i didnt even know he was pregnant and even had a son. One of my favorite musician. 

Governor Fashola's Family.

These pictures were taken during the Governor's 2nd term swearing in ceremony, two of his sons were present while the other two couldnt make it. BRF's genes are very strong oh.
Tunde Hundeyin Facebook.

Actress Nia Long Shows Off Son Kez Sunday Udoka.

Kez and Mommy.

Kez, Daddy and Big Brother.

Behold Lego Miley Cyrus Twerking With Robin Thicke.

LEGO miley cyrus
Blogger and Lego artist Iain Heath of The Living Brick is behind the masterpiece, which captures the essence of Miley's duet with singer Robin Thicke, complete with dangling tongue. Heath told Mashable that the project took about eight hours to piece together, which he said is quick by Lego art standards. Meanwhile the word Twerk has been added to the Oxford Dictionary.

Yes International Publisher Azuh Arinze Issues A Rejoinder To Genevieve Nnaji.

My attention has just been drawn to the twitter handle of Genevieve Nnaji(@Genevieve Nnaji1) where she alleged that she did not grant YES International!magazine the interview published in our Vol.3No.15 edition with the caption:’I Want God To Bless Me With The Right Man&A GoodFamily.
First,I want to thank her for at least not also denying me.or even saying that she has never met me.Secondly,I know she resorted to this for two reasons.One-because of the headline.And two-because she confided in a mutual friend of ours that she still hasn’t forgiven YES international!for making its debut on june19,2011 with a cover story entitled:’All The Men Who Dated And DumpedGenevieve’which she considered displeasing.
Well ,I have always made it clear that my brand of journalism is progressive- minded,not withstanding that I belong to the celebrity journalism genre.Without sounding immodest,I can say with every sense of responsibility that I encountered Genevieve as budding actress who needed encouragement at the time,which I gladly offered.And if I can still recollect very well,I don’t think any other journalist has interviewed her as much as I have.

Fresh Wave Of Violence Rocks Kaduna, Borno And Plateau States.

Gunmen kill eight people in Addu, Kaura local govt area of Kaduna state in the early hours of Tuesday, and injured many. The injured have been taken to the hospital. Meanwhile fresh waves of killings have swept through Borno, and Plateau states, leaving at least 33 persons dead. Amid the violence in the northern part of the country, the United States (U.S.) has warned its citizens against travelling to the region before September 11.  The tragedy in Borno occurred yesterday morning when gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram’s members attacked a nomadic Shuwa-Arab village and shot dead 17 herdsmen.

L'il Kim Through Different Stages Of Plastic Surgery.

lil kim before plastic surgerylil kim after plastic surgerylittle kim plastic surgerylil kim bad plastic surgery
Little Kim has undergone some major changes, including breast implants, tummy tuck, nose job, cheek implants, collagen injections, botox injections, eye work and it appears that she recently had some sort of face lift as well. Her face is pulled so tight, she literally looks asian. Yikes!Little Kim Plastic Surgery Through The Years


Apparently there has been an ongoing silent battle between the Ogungbe's , Kareems and Adenike's friends...............
It’s no news to every born Nigeria; home & abroad the standard processes involved in a marriage. Where there are cultural standards, there are also religious standards. In most parts of the world, either culturally or by virtue of religion when a woman marries a man she automatically adopts her husband’s family name. In exceptional cases, the couple may decide otherwise. The Ogungbe family, without doubt are Yorubas and they have proclaimed long enough to be Christians. Unfortunately, the recent events following their actions and contributions to Adenike Ogungbe’s death has proven this bunch otherwise. In the course of our investigation, some people actually questioned and wondered if Adenike ordinarily moved in with Abidemi without formal/religious ceremony. Adenike got married to Abidemi legally and traditionally. Some of us were there to grace the occasion. Adenike was a legal, faithful, dedicated and committed wife to the Ogungbe family. In Yoruba culture, during the traditional wedding ceremony, the bride is made to sit on the laps of her newly acquired parents. This is only to confer their acceptance of the child as their own and welcome her into the family. Unfortunately, the Ogungbe family failed Adenike in this regard. She was denied of adequate medical needs by being taken to a quack doctor in an occultic hospital in Sagamu, Ogun State. Today, 3rd of September 2013 marks the 2nd month anniversary of Adenike’s depart and sadly up until this very moment NOT ONE single member of the entire Ogungbe family have gone to pay respect to the Kareems’ family (Adenike's biological parents) neither have they been allowed to see the child Adenike left behind.  Worst still not even Adenike’s estranged husband Bidemi has gone to see his in-laws! What a shame! They have lost a child, a successful, young, vibrant woman for that matter. How evil could the Ogungbe’s be? We believe there is no adult or elderly person or anyone with wisdom or human conscience left in the ogungbe family, that is why we decided to write an open letter to the OGUNGBE FAMILY OF AGO – IWOYE and let them know that they’re a big shame and disgrace to the entire Yoruba culture, Christian world and human race. Shame on them!
It’s only human to pay honour to whom honour it is due. Adenike might have died as Mrs Ogungbe, it does not change the fact that she has parents and siblings who deserve to be honoured having given their daughter away in trust to this evil family that not only controlled, manipulated and purposely led her to her death. Strong words there bore out of grief, i pray the families settle things amicably, read the rest the other letters Friends Of Ewar.

Former Sports Editor Needs Assistance - CKN

A former Sports Editor of defunct Daily Times has hit hard times in the USA and urgently assistance, This is his story as posted by his friend Azuka Jebose Molokwu
In 1990, at the age of 31, I abandoned my job as the sports editor of Nigeria’s first evening daily paper, Evening Times, a subsidiary of THE DAILY TIMES of Nigeria. I relocated to United States to further my education and seek professional excellence with available opportunities in the world’s free press. I arrived Houston Texas, na├»ve and timid, with no formal training, information or survival guide kit to a migrant’s settlement in America, seeking all things bright and beautiful that “Yankee” had to offer. It’s “God’s own country”.

Cute Blue Ivy.


HKN Crooner Sina Rambo Dating Nenesi Ibru.

Last week was Nenesi's Birthday and she hsared this picture of herself and her man, Sina Rambo(Davido's Cousin) snog, they both shared pictures of themselves during Davido's sisters wedding wearing matching outfits. oh by the way do you all that Nenesi's Cousin Christine is popular rapper Ludacris baby mama, she has a 12 year old daughter for Ludacris , so dont be surprised if Sina or Davido does a collabo with Ludacris as per In law tings (remember you heard it here 1st)...........LOL. Nenesi and Sina look good together though. Feels good to be in love. 
At Sade Adelekes Wedding.

Another Intending Stowaway Arrested In Benin Airport.

Just ten days after Daniel Oikhana, 13 was stowed away to Lagos by Arik aircraft, a 27 year - old man has tried the same thing in the same airport but unfortunately for him and fortunately for the airport securities they caught him, this incident occurred on Monday. According to a report monitored on a local television station in Benin, the suspect was arrested by the airport security operatives while attempting to stowaway in an Abuja bound Arik plane on the tarmac of the airport. The report added that the suspect is currently being questioned at the Airport police station. The suspect, whose identity could not be ascertained at press time, was said to have been arrested lying with his belly close to the runway while waiting for an Arik aircraft to land and sneak into it to Abuja. Confirming the incident, the Chief Security Officer of the airport, Mr. Adeboye Festus, said the suspect had confessed to the crime. The suspect, however, told journalists in an interview that he was a psychiatric patient and was tired of life.When contacted, the Benin airport manager, Ayodele Sunday, could not be reached as calls put across to his phone went unanswered.  Meanwhile State Security agents are been pressured to release Daniel to his parents since they have no evidence to keep him locked up.  This one would surely face the music because he obviously knew what he was doing.
BVB and CKN.

Would You Believe This?

HaHa a friend sent this to me, he was spotted a popular mama put joint in Lagos tucking into correct Pounded yam and Ewedu soup. Who Know like better thing?

Beverly Osu Apologizes For Embarrassing Nigeria On BBA Show.

Beverly And Her Mom.
Her conduct in the house has been termed an embarrassment to Nigeria as a country, and Beverly apologises, ‘I don’t feel happy about it since this will be the first time I will be representing Nigeria… I’m sorry for embarrassing my country. I didn’t do it intentionally. My participation in the show was not to embarrass my country‘.

Dashing Don Jazzy.

MTN Tings

Nse Etim Ikpe Sule Shares Sexy Photo.

How romantic. For those who dont know thats Nse and her Professor Hubby. NICE.