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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Racism Still Exists In America.

Shocked: Toni Jenkins is a nursing student at Belmont University. She told her manager about the racist remark left on the receipt. She has now been suspended from the restaurant on full pay
The Receipt , Toni Christina Jenkins.
A server working at a Red Lobster restaurant in an affluent suburb of Nashville, Tennessee claims she was subjected to a racist jibe after customers allegedly left the words 'none ni**er' in the tip section of the check.
Toni Christina Jenkins, who is 19, was in the middle of her shift at the seafood restaurant in Franklin and serving a couple of customers who racked up a $45 bill during their afternoon meal. When the time came to pay the check, Miss Jenkins, who is training to be a nurse, says she found the racist insult written on the couple's receipt.

Smashed Ipad Of George Zimmerman's Wife Turned In As Evidence.

Shellie Zimmerman claims her estranged husband, George Zimmerman, broke into pieces an iPad she used to record video of their confrontation Monday afternoon, Officer Zach Hudson of the Lake Mary (Fla.) Police Department told The Huffington Post. “That iPad is in half a dozen pieces at this point,” Hudson said. The remains of the device have been sent to a lab where technicians will attempt to extract the video Shellie Zimmerman recorded and any other potential evidence that might be stored on it. Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell told HuffPost on Monday that, as of then, the authorities did not have enough evidence to charge George Zimmerman with a crime. The iPad could potentially change that equation. One particular question that might be answered if video can be pulled from the damaged device is whether George Zimmerman was carrying a weapon during the confrontation. Last night, on CNN’s "AC360," George Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, told Anderson Cooper that Zimmerman was carrying his weapon at the time.

Kanye West Hits Back At Ray J.

kanye west ray j
Kanye And Ray J.
Kanye West dropped by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" for a surprise performance of "Bound 2," and he changed the opening lyrics to slam his girlfriend Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend and sex tape partner, Ray J. "Brandy’s little sister lame man he know it now/ When a real brother hold you down, you supposed to drown." West's lyrical diss appears to be the rapper finally responding to Ray J's song, "I Hit It First," the video for which was released back in April and featured a Kardashian look-alike. In addition to lyrics that seemed to strike at Kardashian's relationship with West, Ray J appeared to go out of his way to make it clear that the song was about Kardashian, since the cover art image for the single is based on a shot of the reality star wearing a bikini and is even pixelated to look like West's album cover for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."
Huffington Post.

Mercy Johnson Tells Overzealous Fan He Needs Jesus.

Good for him so fans don't know their boundaries. Welldone MJ

What Do You Think Is On This Guy's Mind!!!!!!!!!

I think hes H-I-G-H or has sucked on his tongue so mush he cant close his mouth. 

Kris Humpries To Aunction Ring Engagement Ring He Gave To Kim.

Sparkler: A ring with the same dimensions and made by the same designer who created Kim Kardashian's engagement ring is going up for auction at Christie's in New York
Kris Humphries has struck a deal to auction off the engagement ring that he gave to Kim Kardashian during their ill-fated romance, MailOnline has learned. The NBA star is said to be selling the Lorraine Schwartz ring that he gave to Kardashian at an upcoming Christie's auction in New York. The ring is expected to sell for between $300,000 and $500,000- which is less than a quarter of the price that the ring was said to have cost originally. Do you think this is wise or just payback!


How prophetic of Jamie Foxx.

Capital Femi Calls Eedris Abdulkareem A Legend.

Pictures From GboGbo Bigz Girls Visit To The Orphanage On Her Birthday.

You Can Tell A Man Would Be A Good Dad By The Size Of His Testicles.

Fathers with small testicles are more likely to be involved in child care
Men with small testicles are better parents, new research suggests. Researchers found that fathers with smaller testicles are more likely to be involved in child care. Previous studies have suggested that decreases in testosterone may suppress mating efforts, potentially channelling a man’s energy toward the care of infants.
Dr James Rilling, of Atlanta's Emory University, decided to investigate the link between testes size and parenting among men. Testes volume is associated with sperm production and testosterone levels. His team studied 70 fathers aged between 21 and 43, all with young children.

The Saga Continues.............AN ODE TO JEZEBEL BY Femi Fani Kayode.

We havent heard the last of these two, i wish didnt write this and i sure hope her hands rae clean else, the shame and disgrace.................................time would tell.

Transgender Germany Man Becomes The 1st In Europe To Have A Baby.

Thomas BeatieThomas Beatie
A transgender man is the first in Europe to give birth to a baby after becoming pregnant through a sperm donor. The unidentified man, who was born a woman, delivered the baby boy at home with a midwife in the poor Neukoellin district of Berlin. He insisted on a home birth because he refused to be listed as the mother on any hospital documents - a legal requirement of in Germany. The father, who maintained the reproductive organs of a woman, has been taking hormone replacement therapies for years to switch sexes. Details about the sperm donor or any relationship information has been withheld from the public as the father wanted to protect his son from any attention. Officially the child, who was born on March 18, does not have a mother, only a father. A spokesman for the Berlin Senate Administration for Internal Affairs said: 'The person in question did not want to appear as a mother but as a father on the birth certificate and that request has been honoured.' The expectant father also demanded that the gender of the child was 'not to be revealed under any circumstances'. But the authorities overruled this and announced it was a boy. Nah wah oh, the world has really gone bonkers. You chose to become a man but got preggers sounds daft to me.

Four Men Convicted In Indian Rape Case.

An Indian court convicted four men on Tuesday in the fatal gang-rape of a young woman on a moving New Delhi bus, a case that set off waves of protests and gave voice to years of anger over the treatment of women. The men, convicted on all the counts against them, including rape and murder, now face the possibility of hanging. The sentences are expected to be handed down on Wednesday.

See What Desperation Can Do?

Cant blame him though, man must wack.