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Saturday, 31 August 2013

D-Prince Shows Off His Gold Iphone.

D prince oh,  1st it was Gold Ipad now Phone, your "Goodies" are increasing. NICE.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Niger Delta Ex-Militant General Tompolo Takes Delivery Of Private Jet.

Ex Niger Delta Militant General Tompolo real name Government Ekpumopolo took delivery of a private jet, a Bombardier Learjet 60 SE. Tompolo was awarded 'Maritime Security Contract' to protect Nigerian water ways by President Goodluck Jonathan. If this is anything to go bye we are doomed in this Country.
Via Ogundamisi Twitter.

Woman Beats Boyfriend Up After She Catchs Him Cheating On Her.

Come and see action film oh, am sure this one nah Akata, too brutal. She brushing.

Lamar Odom Has Been Missing For 3 Days.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian-Odom pos
Lamar Odom has vanished and everyone in his life fears the worst -- that he's off somewhere on a drug binge ... TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the NBA star tell us people on Lamar's side, and on the Kardashian side have not been able to find Lamar or contact him for nearly 72 hours -- and we're told the main concern is he's hiding out while doing crack cocaine .A representative for Mr Odom told TMZ he was fine, but did not comment on where he was. Every one is worried.
Sky News/TMZ.

Blast From The Past, Nollywood Actor Segun Arinze

I bet you all didnt know that Nollywood Veteran Segun Arinze once tried his hands at Singing , this picture was on his album sleeve titled Dreams 1992.
Courtesy Uchenna Ikonne Facebook.

Video Of Miley Cyrus And Robin Thickes Performance At The VMA'S

All i can say is Miley you need Jesus.

George Clooney Circa 1976.

George Clooney Ugly Duckling
Spot The difference.............Loads.

The Will Smith Family Reaction To Miley Cyrus's Raunchy VMA Performance With Robin Thicke.

The Smith family couldn't hide their horror as they watched Miley Cyrus' performance at the MTV VMAs
Jaden,Willow And Will Smith's Reaction.
A picture is worth a thousand words, ay? Miley Cyrus broke the raunchiness barrier during her 2013 Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center on Sunday, Aug. 25 in Brooklyn, N.Y. and somehow managed to shock even the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will Smith and his famous kids Jaden and Willow were caught by an audience cam giving quite the priceless reaction to the 20-year-old singer's performance of "We Can't Stop" and her duet of "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke. The 44-year-old father and Jaden, 15, cringed, as Willow, 12, confirmed just how jaw-dropping the set really was. See picture after cut.

Abeg Oh What Is Ikechukwu Doing?

He captioned the pictures "aint worried about nothing", me am afraid oh hope he has not gone..................LOL. just kidding.

Senator Yerima On Channels TV...................His Thoughts On Early Marriage.

I love the presenter, she grilled him, i wonder if he knows the whole constitution or only what soothes him.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Day My Daddy Died - Adedayo Abayomi.......A Must Read

This was sent to me by the writer very moving narration of the day he lost his Dad.............
It was my second Sunday back in Nigeria after four years and I was looking forward to returning to the House on the Rock church at the Muson Centre in Marina. It had been years since I was there last. I wondered if I would meet anyone I knew or recognised from long ago.  I left early enough for the second service so I would have at least half an hour to see Dad at the hospital and Mum. Hopefully he would be well enough to speak. He had consistently been getting better since the feeding tube was inserted through his right nostril. That was uncomfortable enough to watch let alone endure. He tried to put up some resistance, even in his severely weakened state. On another day in another time, I might have been moved to ask that the procedure be stopped or at least postponed. But I could vividly remember the state I found him in.
I had been driven by Slyvester from the airport straight to the hospital.

Dr Sid And Fiancee Simi Osumo With UK X-Factor Winner.

Today the former Xfactor Alexander Burke winner is 25 and had a bash, i guess Dr Sid and Fiancee were invited. #coolsturvs.

Taraba Governor arrives Abuja, cannot walk alone

Governor of Taraba State, Danbaba Sunta, who has been abroad for medical attention after last year’s plane crash, arrived Abuja this afternoon aboard a chartered Gulfstream jet. He touched down the nation’s capital from the United States at about 1:00 pm local time. Suntai, who obviously could not walk by himself, was aided by three persons as he slowly strolled towards a Land Cruiser SUV which drove him to the VIP section of the airport. His return to the country is believed to forestall plans to remove him from office and install his deputy Garba Umar, as substantive Governor.
DP-NG & Sahara Reporters

Kelly Rowland Before And After In The Same Bikini!

boob job 13 Hmmm.. something is different (15 photos)
In the same Bikini, the difference is there for all to see.
The Berry.

Would You Buy This Bomb Proof Rucksack.

Lifesaver? A new rucksack has been designed to protect people's vital organs during a bomb blastBNPS.co.uk (01202) 558833 Picture: Rhinoskin A groundbreaking back-to-school rucksack -- that coul
It is the ultimate back-to-school present for the pessimistic parent - a rucksack that can shield the wearer from a bomb blast. But there is just one problem - while the bag protects all the vital organs, limbs are offered no such sanctuary, which could prove a deal-breaker for some prospective buyers. Despite this, designer Hila Raam, 27, who is targeting the Israeli market with what she describes is a 'ground-breaking product', believes there is a significant potential for the bag, which weighs just over five pounds.

Gbagaun Of Life.

LWKMD. Dont they proof read these things.

Rihanna Speaks By Faith Concerning The VMA'S.

I like that. If you think dream it you can achieve.

Erase Yourself From The Internet With Ease.

Deleting yourself from the Internet is hard work. First, you have to decide where exactly you want to disappear — from social media sites to retailer databases — and then you have to figure out how you're going to do all that. So attention, web users. This is something you'll want to bookmark. A new site called JustDelete.me makes vanishing from the web much, much easier. Created by U.K.-based developer Robb Lewis is a directory of urls that highlights links to pages you may want to remove yourself from, so you don't have to jump through hoops to do so. This includes sites like Facebook, Foursquare, Dropbox and Feedly. Some companies use "dark pattern" techniques, which makes it difficult and tenuous to delete accounts. This is meant to sway users from successfully completing the removal process. JustDelete.me ranks each site's process from "easy" to "impossible," so you know what to expect ahead of time. For example, Amazon.com and the NewYorkTimes.com are rated "hard" to delete, while movie directory IMDB.com and PayPal are listed as "easy." Sites such as Pinterest and Netflix are "impossible." The next time you want to call it quits with a site, visit JustDelete.me and save yourself a headache. I like this website. NICE.

Snake Therapy..................Would You Try This?

I wont not for all the Gold in Timbuktu.

Piers Morgan Tweets In Yoruba.

Two Nigerian Women Assaulted And Jailed In China Over Misunderstanding In Shoe Shop.

Trapped: Mary Idowu, left, and Esther Jubril-Badmos are stuck in China as their visas ran out when police detained them for 38 days and authorities are now refusing to issue them new ones
Mary Idowu and Esther Jubril Badmos.
Two British woman have been detained in China for more than two months after their dream holiday turned to nightmare. Modupe Idowu, 59, and her friend Esther Jubril Badmos, also 48, were arrested after becoming embroiled in a dispute at a shoe shop in the city of Guangzhou. They were locked up in 'hell-like' conditions at a detention centre for 38 days and although they have now been released, the two women remain trapped in the country as their visas have expired and authorities refuse to issue them new ones.

Dprince Shows Off His 24CT Gold Macbook Pro.

Lamar Odom Takes Crack Cocaine - TMZ.

Lamar Odom has been deep into crack cocaine for at least 2 years ... TMZ has learned. TMZ broke the STORYy ... Lamar has gone off the rails with drug use ... which is the principal cause of the crisis in his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.  As we reported Lamar went to a rehab facility a year ago this month and stayed for 3 weeks before bailing -- and we're told the problem was crack. Sources say Lamar's crack use was extreme before he went to rehab, but he cleaned up his act during the basketball season that just ended.  Sources say shortly after he hung up his jersey, he started again with a bang. As we reported ... Khloe threw Lamar out of the house a few days ago after he rejected an attempt at an intervention. It's unclear how Lamar's problem will affect his basketball career.

President Obama's Food Receipt.

President Obama stopped for lunch in Rochester, NY Thursday at a little deli called Magnolia's. It was widely reported that the Prez ate a grilled cheese and some cream of tomato soup. Big stuff.  But what you didn't know ... Obama not only bought lunch for his secret service men (the ones who checked the place for WMD's before hand) ... he also double tipped his waiter, like a champ. Is dis new worthy i doubt that, Gist maybe....................xxxxx

Another Big Fall Oh Not Again, My Thoughts On Ese Walter/ Pastor Biodun - By Ayobami Oyalowo.

Ayobami did a wonderful job by writing his thoughts on the whole Pastor Biodun/ Ese/ Franca saga. 2 Timothy 2:19 “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” On February 21, 1988, Jimmy Swaggart gave his now-infamous “I Have Sinned” speech as he tearfully spoke to his family, congregation, TV audience, and finally God, saying, “I have sinned against You, my Lord, and I would ask that Your Precious Blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of God’s forgetfulness, not to be remembered against me anymore.

Psquare Live In Houston Concert Pictures.

Houston Crowd Went Crazy.

Nigerian Muslims Hold Pro Morsi Rally In Kano, Nigeria.

Thousands of Nigerian Muslims hold pro-Morsi rally
Thousands of Muslims rallied peacefully in northern Nigeria on Saturday to demand the return of Egypt’s Islamist former president Mohamed Morsi. Around 4,000 demonstrators carrying banners and placards chanted pro-Morsi songs and slogans outside a mosque in Kano. Organisers put the number of protesters at 5,000. They said “We call for the immediate release of president Mohamed Morsi and all political prisoners being detained by the illegitimate Egyptian authorities,” protest leader Sheikh Abubakar Mujahid told reporters. “Morsi must return to his position as president.”  Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation of 160 million people, is evenly divided between a mainly Muslim north and predominantly Christian south. Its sad that they have not protested against Boko Haram killing innocent people both Muslim and Christians. But protesting about something that they probably lack understanding about. I wonder if Arab muslims would protest on their behalf if the shoe was on the other foot. #foodforthought.
Morocco World News.

My Daddy Wept When Buhari Asked Him To Be His Running Mate.

Bakare and his family
In this interview with GBENGA ADENIJI, a daughter to Pastor Tunde Bakare, Olubunmi, talks about her life and how her daddy felt was he was asked by Genral Mohammed Buhari to contest for election alongside him:
She is Olubunmi Bakare. The first of five children of Pastor and Mrs. Tunde Bakare. I earned a degree in Political Science from the Emory University, Atlanta, United States.
Did he discuss with members of his family when he decided to contest for the number two office in the country and if he did, what response did he get?
Let me tell you a story about that. I was the only one at home the day Gen. Muhammadu Buhari called him. He was downstairs and I was upstairs. After receiving the call, he ran to my room and broke down in tears. I have never seen my dad cry except for some scenes in one or two Nollywood movies. I have not actually seen him cry. I asked him what the matter was. He said Gen. Buhari just called and asked him to be his running mate. He said people would think his stance on the state of the nation was for political office whereas it was never his intention. I told him the development was totally different from what he stood for because I know that the overriding interest of my father is the growth and development of the country. I remember some of the things he had told us when he was growing up about his love for Nigeria’s advancement. I also remember the dream I had earlier about my father having a significant role to play in the reshaping of Nigeria. I then told him to accept the offer because I know he has a very pure heart. I pray Pastor Bakare is giving the oppurtuinty to serve this Nation. Read the rest of the interview here.........................
Punch NG

Beautiful Shot Of Okon, Fred Amata And Yvonne Nelson On Set.

Akon looks good in traditional attire, looks like the set for the movie Yvonne is shooting in America. Zak Amata, Akon, Yvonne Nelson and Fred Amata. NICE.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

People Who Have Sex Four Times A Week Earn More Money.

Having an active sex life plays a major role in your financial success.
Nick Drydakis, a senior lecturer in economics at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, found that those who have sex at least four times weekly made 5% more in wages than their counterparts who aren't as lucky. On the other hand, those who don't have any sex at all earned 3% less than those who are sexually active. In the paper titled "The Effect of Sexual Activity on Wages," published by the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn, Germany, Drydakis  writes that sex is a "barometer for health, quality of life, well-being and happiness."The economics professor says that more sex alone won't result in a higher paycheck. However, more sexual activity may result in higher self-esteem, confidence, and overall happiness, which in turn make employees more amiable, productive, and creative. Sex can be an important factor in how satisfied someone is in his personal life, and satisfaction in that area can affect work as well. People need to love and be loved (sexually and non-sexually) by others. In the absence of these elements, many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and depression that could affect their working life," Drydakis told Michelle Castillo at CBSNews.com. It's also important to note that more sex can result in higher wages, but higher wages may also result in more sex. "They may increase the value and attractiveness of a person on the dating market," Drydakis says.
Business Insider.

Funny But True, Do You Agree?

Do you agree with wht he wrote, i do shaa, Crow keh, God forbid.
 Steve Babaeko Instagram.

Cheesy Marriage Proposal with an Unexpected Twist

Mehn, I feel for this guy.

Boy found in tyre hold of Arik air flight

A teenage boy was on Saturday found stowed away in the tyre hold of an Arik flight in Lagos. The Aircraft took off from Benin Airport by 9.00 am to Murtala Muhammed Airport II, Lagos. The boy, yet to be identified was found by security officials after the aircraft landed. He was since been taken into custody.
Citizen's Platform

"I Will Tear And Burn My Nigerian Passport, Once I Become Canadian" - Oluwakemi Ola, A frustrated nigerian

People who flew, drove or took the bus to come renew their passports express their frustration at the lack of notice about an office closure. *The girl that said she would tear her NIGERIAN passport, I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE SAID THAT!

Honestly, I can't say I'm surprised because this is just the kind of thing Nigerians can do to themselves. When you treat your own people like trash, what do you expect other people to do. This is the reason why other countries treat Nigerians like criminals. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

Epic Failed Robbery Attempt In Brazil

World Star Hip Hop.com

Rihanna Shows Off Her River Island Custom Print Dress.

If you would like one go here -------->Pre-Order Link Got mine..

Yvonne Nelson Receives Threat To Life And Puts On Instagram.

Producer Spike Lee And Family.

Spike, Tonya, Satchel and Jackson Lee.

Prophet Warns Governor Fashola To Reopen Yaba Market Or Risk Loosing His Two Children.


Photo News From Julius Agwu's Live At The O2.

Julius Agwu
Londoners were truly cracking their ribs with laughter last night at the 2013 edition of Julius Agwu’s Crack Ya Rib. Akpororo, Funny Bone, Senator, Eddie Kadi, Bovi and others came loaded with jokes that truly shattered our ribs. Funny Bone arrived on stage with a suitcase full of undiluted jokes, enough to even crack the rib of Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi accompanied by the CEO of BEN TV, Alistair Soyode. Few of the comedians unapologetically picked on the Governor too. 
Kc the king of Limpopo and Harrysong ended the night with an electrifying performance.
Bovi Ugboma

Billboard Goes Up In Smoke At Allen Avenue - TheNetNg.

An electronic billboard situated at Allen junction, in Ikeja, Lagos went down in flames around 9am today. A security official at 1, Aromire avenue which houses the digital billboard told NET  ’Smoke started coming out from the top of the billboard and then fire started dropping, we tried to quench it with water and called fire service.‘ Another eyewitness says fire service officials took longer than necessary to get to the scene but when they arrived, they curtailed what could have turned into an ugly disaster as the compound next to the billboard was an automobile sales office. Thank God no one was hurt.

Would Tattoo Your Bum Like This!!

Dramatic inking: Cheryl Cole's tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado posted a picture of the singer's rose tattoo that he was working on on Saturday

Oh My Days Lamar Odom Addicted To Drugs - HWL.

In shocking news, Lamar Odom’s possible wandering eye isn’t the thing that’s reportedly threatening to drive a wedge in his marriage with Khloe Kardashian! It might even be worse — a new report claims that Lamar has a hardcore drug addiction that has triggered a complete marriage meltdown. The 33-year-old NBA star has battled drug abuse for two years, according to TMZ. And it’s only recently gotten worse. The website reports that it even got so bad in August 2012 that Lamar went to a facility — after being pressured by Khloe — in San Diego, Calif., only to continuously threaten to leave. He actually did leave after three weeks. After the stint in rehab, Lamar reportedly stayed clean throughout the basketball season, but once the season ended he slipped back into addiction. Two days ago, the family reportedly staged an intervention, but Lamar would hear none of it. In addition to this shocking claim, TMZ also reports that Khloe is convinced Lamar has also cheated on her, but neither she nor Lamar have contacted a lawyer, so a potential divorce still seems far out. Meanwhile Khloe was spotted yesterday coming from a gym session in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles without wearing either her wedding or engagement rings. Looking glum and trying to hide under an oversized blue hooded sweater, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star clutched a bottle of water to her chest, clearly showing a chunky  matte silver band in place of her $850,000 12.5 carat diamond engagement ring. According to People, Khloe often wears her bling to gym sessions and looked preoccupied after her workout session. 'She didn't smile at all and seemed miserable,' a source told the website. 'She seemed like she had a lot on her mind.'