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Monday, 18 June 2012


Reports say that there are explosions and gunshots in Sabon Pegi area of Damaturu,Yobe State. Though now we are hearing repots that JTF has regained control of the area................Details to follow. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.


Right now in Nigeria suicides seem to be on the increase amongst our youths, which for us Nigerians is a very surprising trend considering the fact that we are not known for taking our own lives. Nigerians strongly believe that our lives belong to God and are taught such from a very tender age.

Are They Dating????

Speculations are flying left right and centre that don Jazzy and Tiwa are dating...................i find that hard to believe because they spend alot of time together because of work. If  it turns out true GOOD LUCK TO THEM. Though i wonder what would happen to tiwas manager/boyfriend!11