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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson As Fulani Cattle Herder.

 The actress posted these pictures on Twitter of her interpreting the role of a Fulani Cattle herder. Mercy Johnson knows her onions. Shes good.

Is Nigeria Serious About Tackling Corruption - BBC News.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan wants the world to believe he and his government are serious about ending corruption. But two recent events have sent out the opposite message. As President Jonathan handed out awards to celebrate Nigeria's centenary, there was a collective leap of eyebrows when people learnt that former President Sani Abacha was on the list. Many wondered why a military dictator who had plundered the nation was being celebrated?

Laff Your Socks Off!

Diploma BSC awaiting Kubra....does it that have to on the invite. 

UPDATE ON MISSING PLANE:Oil Rig Worker Claims To Have Seen Malaysian Plane Go Down.

An oil rig worker working off the south-eastern coast of Vietnam claims to have witnessed the crash of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. In a email sent to his employer, which was acquired, confirmed, and then shared by the ABC journalist Bob Woodruff, the man says, "I believe I saw the Malaysian Airlines plane come down. The timing is right. Vietnamese officials reportedly confirmed they got the letter, but found nothing in the water.

Pick Your Favourite Look Of Actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry As A Greek goddess

Both of them are inspired by the Greek goddess look.....which do you prefer? I prefer the 1st look she looks like a breath of fresh air little or no makeup and the dress and hair is perfectly done. I found the make up for the other attire a little bit too much and over the top......You know what they say. Less is More.

NOT ANOTHER NIGERIAN! Nigerian Couple Imprison Man For 25 Years, Making Him Do Menial Jobs Without Any Pay

Two senior NHS workers are suspected of secretly enslaving a man for a quarter of a century. Scotland Yard is investigating after a Nigerian man walked into a police station and claimed he was being held as a slave. Ofonime Sunday Edet, 38, said he has been held against his will since being trafficked to Britain in 1989, when he was just 13. Edet told officers he was enslaved by a couple in his native Nigeria who promised him work, lodging and an education so he could support his family.

OBSESSION/LOVE/MADNESS........Fan Tattoos Davido's Name On Her Waist

Davido shared a picture of his name tattooed on the back of a female fan. Some people called her crazy and obsessed.....i think its madness of the highest order. How wpuld she explain to her boyfriend or Husband in future? Some fans just dont know where to draw the line.

Building In Manhattan Collapses, 2 Dead, 20 Hurt And Others Misssing

Two people are dead, 20 are hurt and others are missing after two buildings collapsed following an apparent explosion that rattled upper Manhattan and shattered windows with a blast that could be felt blocks away, sources say.

Oscar Pistorius Breaks Down In Court As Forensic Experts Constructs The Moments After He Shot Girlfriend

Oscar Takes Notes While Demonstartion Goes On
Oscar Pistorius was probably on his stumps when he fatally shot his girlfriend through a toilet door, a forensic analyst has told his murder trial.
The matter of whether Pistorius was on his stumps is critical to the case as it tests his assertions about exactly what happened on the night he killed Reeva Steenkamp in his bathroom on February 14 last year.

What Would Jesus Do Underwear!! Just Wrong

This is just wrong on so many levels.....would you rock this underwear?

Baby Born Not Breathing Takes Breath 28 Minutes Later - Called A 'Miracle' By Doctors

Doctors and family members are celebrating the miraculous birth of a baby girl who was pronounced dead not long after birth and suddenly started breathing 28 minutes later. Robin Cyr is counting her blessings and thanking God for what she calls a miracle in her daughter's life.

12 Common Mistakes Married Men - Praise Fowowe

‎LoveBirds Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe(c)2013
 12Common Mistakes Married Men Make – 4 #
 1 Misunderstanding Headship in the Home Anyone that gives a woman the wings to fly is the person she naturally defers to. I have had to personally encourage a lot of married women who have their pastor’s pictures permanently on their DP to take them off and replace with their men but reality is how do you display the image of a man who beats you and treats you like trash?

DAY 5 - Pray For Malaysia Airlines Missing Flight..........

5 days after the plane went missing no news cncerning the passengers and crew, conflicting reports flying left right centre, no sign of the plane....lost communication. Please pray for them and the families affected.

What Happens When 20 Complete Strangers Were Asked To Kiss + Video

The video was made as an advertisement for a clothing company. A first kiss is an intimate and sometimes nerve-wracking moment for any two people, but what happens if they have never met each other before?

Annie Macauley Idibia Is Back.......Flaunts Idibai Tatoo.

    She posted this picture with the caption HOME early this morning, out and about town with her boo. Annie who left the shores of Nigeria last year to have her 2nd baby has definitely missed home. The new mom got inked....tattooed, i cant tell if this is her 1st tat but this one has idibia right above her breast.

GREAT NEWS! Nigerian Military Forces Attack Boko Haram Camp......Seize 700 Vehicles

Great News as the Special Forces involved in the ongoing campaign against the Boko Haram insurgents have recorded what security sources have described as one the greatest breakthroughs in the  campaign against terrorists  in the North-East. Investigations on Tuesday revealed that the Special Forces, comprising ground troops and the Air Force fighters, had demobilized one of the strongest fortresses of the Boko Haram sect.