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Saturday, 12 January 2013


Lucky Igbinedion Barred From The United states.

According to Sahara Reporters, former Governor Lucky Igbinedion of Edo State may no longer enter the US, SaharaReporters has discovered from sources in Washington, DC. One of the sources revealed that the American consular authorities had written to Mr. Igbinedion to tell him that he was no longer welcome in the US. Another source indicated that the former governor, who has been convicted for corrupt practices shortly after  his governorship term, had multiple entry visas to the US. "However, he has received a letter revoking his visa," said one source. Mr. Igbinedion was a two-term governor in Edo State where he looted the treasury mindlessly, according to documents gathered by the EFCC.
Our source in Washington, DC disclosed that the US government was reviewing the files of some of Nigeria's current and former government officials and will deny them visas once they are deemed undesirable on account of their engagement in corruption. Is good sef all the other thieving Governors should be give the same treatment even their family sef. Babanla Thieves.

Rebbie Jackson { Micheal Jackson's Sister} Husband Looses Cancer Battle

Rebbie JacksonNathaniel Brown Death Rebbie Jackson Husband Dies

Micheal Jackson's sister Rebbie Jackson is mourning the passing of her husband, Nathaniel Brown.
After fighting a long battle with cancer, Brown died on Sunday, Jan. 6. He leaves behind not only his wife, but three children -- Stacee Brown, 40, Yashi Brown, 35, and their son Austin Brown, 27, who is a singer/songwriter.
They were high school sweethearts, the two wedded in 1968, and enjoyed 44 years of marriage together.
The King of Pop's nephew wrote "I love you Dad.. Thank you for showing me unconditional love and the example of being a good person ... Thank you all for the amazing love you have been giving me and my family." May he Rest In Peace.

Blast From The Past.

The way they were: Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone
Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone 
Still pals: Bruce, Sly and Arnold at the premiere of The Expendables in 2010
During the premiere of the Expendables 2010.
They all look so good but Bruce Willis still looks the same even now, Demi Moore no try. She carry last chance gok herself.

Sharon Osborne Goes After Lady Gaga.

Different views: Sharon criticised Gaga for wearing fur and 'meat', calling her treatment of animals 'sickening' Photo in question: Kelly pointed to this photo of Lady Gaga wearing a burka to a London Fashion Week, which prompted the Fashion Police correspondent to question if she was disguising a baby bump
These pictures started the drama.
Sharon Osborne published a letter to Lady Gaga calling her a bully, according to Daily mail it all started when Kelly Osborne was interviewed on TV saying Lady Gaga was pregnant because she kept covering her midriff in a ll her outfits and also that the singer was looking porgy around the tummy area.

Kardashians Sisters Sued For Make up Line.

Kardashian Klan could be left with an expensive legal bill after they were sued for allegedly stealing the name for Khroma Beauty, for which they are guaranteed to make up to $6.2 million.
Make-up artist Lee Tillett is seeking $10m in damages from the sisters and Boldface Group Inc, which markets their line. She claims it infringes on her Kroma Make-up line, which she founded back in 2004.
Florida native Miss Tillett told the Orlando Sentinel: 'I developed the Kroma line myself, built my business through my own hard work, and took the legal steps necessary to protect it.

Why May D left Square Records - Jude Okoye

According to Jude Engees May D wanted to run before he could walk.......selfish Psquare, Please watch

Care To Try These Multi-Coloured Foods.

Everything included: A rainbow burger, entirely edible aside from the purple lettuce, is seen as one of New York photographer Henry Hargreaves's artistic creations in BrooklynTasty sight: A stack of rainbow pancakes are seen changing from Red to purple, a tactic inspired by a child's disinterest to eat
From coloured Burger to Pancakes, then spaghetti and icecream, Yummy threats to blow our minds and encourage us to eat. Looks like something from a fairy tale, though all are edible and coloured with edible food colour.
Festive: This bowl of spaghetti was made using standard supermarket spaghetti dipped in colourings which easily picked up the bright coloursWhat's real? As seen with this ice cream cone, the artist left one 'real' coloured item in each picture created in his Brooklyn studio

It was created by a New York Photographer Henry Hargreaves', who was inspired by article by an article about a mother whose son was not interested in eating food - until she used bright colours to entice him.
He made the food art in his studio in the city and the work took two afternoons to complete.
Everything is edible apart from the purple lettuce, because normal lettuce would not take on the colour.
Henry added: 'We are repelled by these colours and assume they must taste artificial - but in fact they taste exactly the same, as the colouring is odourless and tasteless.
'My main goal is to create work that appeals to me and in doing so hope a few other people appreciate it and that it puts a smile on their face and sparks a little conversation.'. My attention has been SPARKED............LOL.

Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

Checkout peoples reaction to the prank.

Nigeria May Lose War Against Same Sex Bill

The Forum for Justice and Human Rights Defence said on Thursday that unless sections 37 and 43 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria were amended, the country would not win the war against same-sex marriage.

Strictly For laughs.

Stella Responds To Nuella's PR Company Responds To Story About Her Dating Gov. Ameachi.

Dear Nuella,
I saw the press release and i am still laughing...laughing because you did the right thing
by standing up to defend yourself but you used the wrong words and you focused on the
wrong topic.
I was not the only blog who broke that story,infact i was the second person who broke the
story and the other blog has other details you might also choose to respond to..check

Dr Irawo Adamolekun Gone Too Soon.

Twitter was abuzz with someone getting shot in Anthony who would have thought it was Dr Irawo Adamolekun the only surviving brother of Dr Ojai Adamolekun. A family of five now just a family of three, how did it happen what went wrong ?