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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Job Application Requirements.

Na wah oh on top shoe maker job.

Ronke Oshodi Oke Expecting Baby Nos 2.

oshodi oke
We can authoritatively tell you that the reason popular Yoruba actress has been missing off our screens is because she is expecting a baby and would deliver anytime soon. We wish her safe delivery

Danny Boyle And Rosario Dawson Dating.

EXCLUSIVE: Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson spotted in on a romantic break in the Caribbean

Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson and Slumdog Millionaire Producer Danny Boyle are said to be dating and seriously in love with each other. Despite their 23-year age difference the couple spent their holidays in Barbados together. They met during the summer Olympics while Danny directed the Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies.EXCLUSIVE: Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson spotted in on a romantic break in the Caribbean

Plane Detained With Ghanaian Gold.

A Turkish cargo plane carrying 1.5 tons of gold from Ghana to Dubai has been held at Istanbul's Atatürk Airport for four days due to missing documents. The plane was coming from Algeria and stopped over to refuel. The plane has been locked up and sealed off.

Is This Davido's Long Lost Brother.

Can dis b davido? http://twitter.yfrog.com/kgfv4tsj
LOL............................someone sent it to me so i thought i should share.

Toluwalope Anne Adigun Missing

Toluwalope Anne Adigun age 23 is missing. She is a student of American University of Nigeria and she is 23. She left home on the 4th of January and has not returned back to their Gaduwa Estate- Apo, Abuja home. Incase you know anything about her movement please call 08102298693, 08185620822, 08095509222 or 08033781215. I pray she is found, please we should all endevour to tell our families or loved ones where ever we are going to and who we are going out with.

MFM Church Detains Sahara Reporters Publisher Omoyele Sowore

Mr Omoyele Sowore, publisher of Sahara reporters  who attempted to report a New Year’s Eve crossover night service at the church headquarters along the popular Lagos-Ibadan express road. He was harassed, molested and detained illegally. He wanted to cover the annual cross-over night which over one million people attend.

Will Smiths Thoughts On Gay Marriage

What a stupid thing to say siding with the majority because he wants to stay popular so if an animal loves us back we should marry the animal shei..............just because everyone is in support doesnt make it right, God make Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

Banky W Shows Off His Mom And Brother.

Didnt know his mom was mixed race, his brother is cute though.

The 24 Carat Gold Plated MacBook, Ipad, Iphones.

Golden apple: For $30,000, Computer Choppers will cover your laptop in 24-carat gold with an Apple logo that features multi-color diamonds

For $30,000, you could be the proud owner of a 24-carat gold covered MacBook Pro with an Apple logo that features multi-color diamonds.

Your Child And Sex By Praise Fowowe.

I don’t know if you have observed that children within this age range don’t really want to assist at home yet they could spend the whole day playing. Truth is we would never raise the next generation of scientists and global icon that way and our not getting them responsible early enough is partly responsible for their early exposure to child sexual abuse. So how do you get them to do what they would ordinarily not do? Sit your children down and ask what they would have you buy for them if they had a blank cheque?