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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Female NYSC Member Gives Birth in Camp

A female youth corp member from Edo State Shemahu Momodu has delivered a baby girl  on the first day of camp in Katsina State. She put to bed in the camps clinic befor been transfered to the Federal Medical Centre,Katsina. Mother and Baby are doing fine.

Pastor Chris Okoties Wife Opens Up on Facebook.

NUC Suspends Operational License of Seven Private Christian Universities.

National Universities Commission Yesterday suspended the operational licenses of seven private universities today for violating its guidelines in physical facilities and academic programmes. They are-

Joseph Ayo Babalola
Lead City

NUC would lift the suspension as soon as the Universities concerned meet the guidelines stipulated by the commision in running of Universities in Nigeria

A Toddler Comes Close To Death!

Terrifying: The red arrow shows how high the little boy was when he ventured out onto the balcony ledge

A Toddler had a close shave with death when he claimed on to the balcony of his flat while his mom slept indoors, thank God nothing happened to him because he climbed back down again.



For Laughs.

Your Take.

Nigeria Gets First Female CJN.

Her name is Justice Aloma Mariam Mukhtar.

One for the team. Whoop Whoop.

Sitting Ducks- US Embassy in Abuja issues Warning.

The US Embassy has issued warning to its staff and citizens to beware of possible attacks on October 1st 2012, OK US Embassy we hear but isn't this warning coming a tad bit too early considering the fact that we are in July and October is still far off. Well better to be safe than sorry though they could have warned us of the Banex Plaza Explosions as well. Also its Staffers and citizens have been warned to steer clear of all church activities.
From the Government and People of the United States of America

Jokes- CBN Releases New Currency Note.

HAHAHA Very Funny

Did Otedola REALLY Say That!!!!

Canadian Minister Resigns after buying $16 Orange Juice Outside Budget.

Canadian Foriegn Minister is coming under fire after spending $16  dollar outside her budget for orange juice at a hotel. I wish our public officials could be this sensitive.

Pic- The Fear of Boko Haram.

See what BH has done to us, Christians been searched before they enter the House of The Lord.

TOLD-GEJ waiting for the Oba of Benin