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Saturday, 21 July 2012

TV Studio In Eygpt Where Women are All Veiled.

Wearing veils and dressed in black from head to toe, these women are symbols of the Eygpt Cultural Revolution right after the new Arab Spring.

Jim Iyke Shouts Out AGAIN.

For Laffs.

Photo Of Dame Patience Jonathan Been Sworn In.

 According to the Governor there is no big deal about it because she deserves the honour. Ok oh we here.

Photo Evidence Of Jim Iykes Fraud.

The lady Jim Iyke defrauded is not happy with Jim because she heard of his twitter rant. Jim should have just shut up instead of ranting now see what she has put out there for all to see even bring Jim's poor mom into this........ I think this is a case of pride going before a fall because she was a source of help to Jim and he basically bit the hand that fed him while boasting about it. Photo evidence as you continue and what Hajia had to say-

Female Youth Corp Member Fighting.

What manner of youths

What Manner of Eye Service!!!!!

The recent renaming of a road in the capital city of Abuja has been met mixed feelings alot of people feel the name change is a ploy for some people to remain relevant and remain in government far longer than normal. . The said road was refurbished by the Defence and Police Officers Wives Association  Time would tell if the name of this road wont be reverted when the Jonathan s leave office after all who remembers 3rd mainland bridge as IBB bridge. The road links DEPOWA office with the  Shehu Musa Yar Adua Barracks. What laudable achievement as she contributed to the country? Eye Service in Disguise.