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Friday, 27 July 2012

Brothers Inhumanity To Brother.

The entire Festival Town in Lagos was thrown into pandemonium on Thursday evening as a decomposing body of a man was discovered inside a duplex on B Close, House 6 of 3rd Avenue. The decomposing body, it was gathered, was that of the younger sibling of two brothers allegedly living together in the duplex which was left for them by their deceased parents.

Viewers Discretion Advised

Photo Speak

Idi Amin at work

Men Acoording to Yahoo Poll Have Had Their Fill Of Kim K.

The results are in for AskMen’s fifth annual Great Male Survey, which polled over 50,000 men from around the world on issues ranging from online snooping to what keeps them up at night. But in addition to gauging popular male opinion on a variety of topics, the Great Male Survey also provides a clearer picture on where men stand on public figures – including which celebs have worn out their welcome. And, as it turns out, if it were up to guys, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber’s 15 minutes would be just about up.

Team GB All 541 of Them.

In an historic photograph, Daily Mail photographer Andy Hooper has pinned together pictures of all 541 members of the

 Great Britain squad for the Olympics. There are three larger pictures tagged with each athlete's name so you can

identify them, plus the full image and caption below. And at the bottom of the article, Andy explains the secrets behind

the remarkable image...

Racist Tweet Gets Greek Olympian Kicked Out Of Olympic Team.

It all started when a Greek triple jumper posted a racist joke on twitter
Voula Papachristou was kicked out of her national team for mocking African migrants and expressing support for a far right politician.

Google's Olympic Page

Google Home Page because of the Olympics.