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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Over 2,500 Couples Get Married In Stadium In South Korea And Alot Of Them Just Met 2 Days Before The Wedding Ceremony.

Dressed in gleaming white with the men in sharp black suits, they were part of only the second 'cosmic blessing' by South Korea's famous Unitarian Church since the death of its leader, divisive self-proclaimed messiah Sun Myung Moon, in September 2012. Some of the couples had only just met two days before the grand wedding.

Singer Dencia Plans To Build Orphanage In Cameroun.

  Am shocked that she can actually be dedicated to a cause that's not a money making venture.  Welldone Dencia, we need more people like you meanwhile did you all know she has a clothes line where all the proceeds from her line goes towards funding the orphanage.

Words Fail Me!

                             List of Non-Tithers? I thought tithe was voluntary not by force. 

Who Pulled Off The Camo-Shirt Look, Jayz Or Genenveive?

    I think Genevieve pulled off the look , the shirt looks good on her and fits her well. Thats my opinio? Whats yours?

Surprise!!! Lil Kim Arrives New York Fashion Show With Baby Bump.

               Bump in the night! Amazingly, Lil' Kim, 39, had something to take people's minds off THAT outfit as she arrived looking pregnant during NYFW It really IS a Big Momma Thang! Lil' Kim poses backstage at the The Blonds fashion show during MADE Fashion Week Fall 2014 in New York City
                                    The 90's Star Shows Off Her Visible Baby Bump
Rapper Lil' Kim has shown off a surprise baby bump at New York Fashion Week. The diminutive hip hop diva - who was last linked to boxer Floyd Mayweather - let her bump do the talking as she was carried by a burly bodyguard from her car, showing off her new physique at the event in New York.

Laff Your Socks Off

How Evil?

‎Last Nigerian Virgin Pre-Val Hangout - Praise Fowowe

Too many things happen during Valentine's day from lose of virginity, contraction of HIV to death of teenagers just becos of a 24hour madness.
But that same 24hours has changed the lives of other teenagers simply by discovering themselves and taking a decision about their lives?

Nigerian British Model Is The Face Of Designer Brand, Tom Ford.

21 year old Nigerian-British IMG model Betty Adewole is the new face of Tom Ford Beauty in its Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaign. Before landing the campaign Adewole has worked with everyone from  Emanuel Ungaro to Issey Miyake. Adewole is replacing Polish model Zuzanna Bijoch.  Ford’s Spring/Summer 2014 beauty collection will feature a limited edition color collection that includes four new nail shades and 8 new sheer lip colors. The limited collection is scheduled to hit stores in March 2014.
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Fans Who Sued Micheal Jackson's Doctor For Emotional Distress Get Awarded One Euro Each

                           They Don't Care About Us: Out of the 34 fans, five were found to have suffered 'emotional distress' after Michael Jackson died (stock image)
A group of Michael Jackson fans have been awarded one euro each in damages by a French court, for 'emotional distress' caused by his death. The French fan club sued Dr Conrad Murray, the King of Pop's doctor who was responsible for giving Michael Jackson a lethal dose of anesthetics in 2009. Out of 34 complainants, five fans from France, Belgium and Switzerland were awarded one euro each.

Miley Cyrus Dad Does Raunchy Remix Of His 1992 Chart Stopper , Acky Breaky Heart

                          Close encounter: Billy and a pint-sized companion are walking in the countryside when they see a light from above
Perhaps he has been taking tips on how to relaunch his career from his daughter Miley. For Billy Ray Cyrus is starring in the video for a hip hop remix of Achy Breaky Heart which features a legion of semi nude twerking dancers.

Meet The Two Most Proactive And Passionate Ministers - D'Banj.


Your Child And Sex - Praise Fowowe.

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2013
Your Child and Sex 27–LIFE IS GOOD(8-12years)
A lot of fathers wonder what to teach their daughters at this age about puberty and many have asked me if it is safe for fathers to teach their daughters about puberty? While we know that women do a lot of these teachings (even though what many teach is not adequate as well) it is not out of place for you to know what to teach about menstruation as a man and the simple way to teach your daughter this is that the ovaries begin to release eggs and if the egg connects with sperm from a man’s penis.