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Friday, 5 April 2013

Funny Notice...........LOL

Afi Maching Flauwar abi Matching Flower.

Actor Wesley Snipes Released From Prison.

Out of jail: Wesley Snipes was released from prison after serving a three-year sentence for tax evasion
After nearly three years in prison, Wesley Snipes is free. The Blade star was released this week from a Pennsylvania prison and transferred to house arrest after being admitted in 2010 on charges of federal tax evasion. According to TMZ, the 50-year-old actor left the McKean Federal Corrections on Tuesday, several months shy of his 36 month sentence. Though he is under house arrest till July 19. The actor was found guilty of not paying as much as $15million in dividends to the government for his earnings from 1999 to 2001.

Jay Z And Beyonce Thrill Fans In Havana, Cuba.

The king and queen of Cuba: The pop diva and her rapper husband made a balcony appearance for adoring fans, capturing the scene on their cameras
Don't rain on my parade: Bad weather didn't stop the power couple from making a balcony appearance for their adoring fans
They made a balcony appearance for adoring fans, capturing the scene on their cameras
Beyonce and her rapper husband arrived in Cuba this week to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Five years already, seems like yesterday. Nice.

Ray J Releases New Single About Kim Kardashian Titled "I Hit It First"

Ray J I Hit It First
Ray J just took to Twitter and Instagram to tell his fans that his new single is called “I Hit It First.” It’s all about how he had sex with Kim long before Kanye. Don’t forget they starred in the infamous sex tape Super Star, which was leaked in 2007. It is to be released April 9, and the cover art is a blurred out picture of Kim! The lyrics are totally shocking, referring to their infamous sex tape, and oh by the way he calls out Kanye too! Remember Kim and Ray dated for about five years. This song is a complete "dissfest". I think Ray J is trying to hard to stay relevant and make a name for himself while riding on the coat tails of his Ex's fame. Ray needs to SIT HIS ARSE DOWN, always spewing hate, though am not a fan of Kim but Ray is always up to something...................................Mtschewwwwwwwwwww. We 
await the release date.

Old Beyonce Meets New Beyonce In New Pepsi Advert.

The new Pepsi Advert is out and in it Beyonce is surrounded by mirrors, Bey stops to take that iconic sip of soda and suddenly she’s appearing in her reflection as “Bootylicious” Bey and “Crazy in Love” Bey and “Single Ladies” Bey. You like?