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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

AUDIO: The $3 million conversation between Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola...

Lagos Flood in Pictures.


Darey Spotted Hanging Out With Neyo and Lewis Hamilton In London.

Jim Iyke Rants on twitter calls them Shout-Outs.


AUDIO:The $3 million conversation between Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola

Popular Actor Andy Griffith Is Dead.

The actor who played popular TV lawyer Matlock is dead, he died this morning in his North Carolina Home, He was also a  gospel singer. Cause of Death yet to be announced. We would miss him.

Pure Water is now N20 in Abuja

Pure Water which normally goes for N5 or at most N10 is now N20 in Abuja, Is there any hope for the masses now.

Anderson Cooper Comes Out

CNN Anchor man and host of Anderson Cooper 360,  FINALLY came out of the closet that he was gay, contrary to speculation.................... Hear him " The fact is, I'm gay, Always have been and always will be, and i couldn't be anymore happy, comfortable, with myself and proud". GOODLUCK to him!

Anderson Cooper Gay