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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kim K's Ever Illusive Bump.

No signs of slowing down: Kim Kardashian was seen heading to a social media conference on WednesdayDressed for success: The 32-year-old looked ready to get down to business as she slipped into a figure-hugging black Lanvin shift dress which displayed her tiny baby bump
She spotted heading to a social media conference.

Air Hostess Fired For Giving Passengers The Finger.

Tatiana KozlenkoThe image that went viral on the internet

Tatiana Kozlenko, fired by Aeroflot and the controversial Picture.
Flight attendant Tatiana Kozlenko put the snap up on her personal page on Vkontakte, one of Russia's most popular Facebook-style social networks.Within hours the snap - which appears to show the arm of an air hostess giving the finger to an airplane cabin full of passengers - had clocked up dozens of 'likes'. But the picture went viral after it was posted on Twitter and was retweeted by alot of people. Though the air hostess has denied she was the one in the pictures or the airline been involved.

Has Beyonce Had A Nose Job?

Chai the difference is clear like 7 up, the nose get ridge sef.