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Saturday, 30 June 2012

PETA Lashes out at the Olsen Twins.

PEta lashed out at the olsen twins due to their creation of a bag made of diffrent animal fur for their fall collection PETA had thi to say about the twins.....................

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

GEJ Prays For Nigeria!

Yimz joor when he was supposed to say amen 3weeks ago he didnt ABEGIIII

Artsy Art-Lego on Display.

 A rare kind of art display is been shown in Reiman Gradens,Iowa. 14 displays made up of  45,143 individual lego bricks.

The mother bison is made up of 45,143 pieces of LEGO and the calf is constructed from 16,229 and is on display at Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University


Spice Girls forever: (L-R) Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham launched the musical at the the St Pancras Hotel in London, where they filmed their Wannabe video in 1996.

Spice Girls due to  Unite once again. LETS SEE HOW THIS UNFOLDS.

German Court Rules Religious Circumcision on Boys as Assault.

A German Court has ruled that circumcisiong boys on religious rounds be termed as inflicting grievious bodily harm. The regionla court in Cologne, Western Germany, "ruled that the fundamental right of the child to odily intergrity outweighed the fundamental rights of the parents". The court said the parents would have to wait till the child decides to get circumcised. They claim that the body of the child is irreparably and permanently changed by circumcision. This decision caused an outrage in the German Jewish Community. Wonders shall never end. 

Burkinis for women who want to cover up at the Beach.

A born Again Christian from Ontario has launched a modest line of swim suits to protect wearers from sun. chlorine and lustful stares.
Crystal  Huyben 27 told Huffington Post 'Modesty has always been improtant to me, believeing that our sexuality is an amazing gift from God,its something to be protected, and not to be put on display for all eyes to see" She has a huge fan base in a secular world and her customers are in all shapes,sizes and religion.  Her line is called Simply Modest.

The suits are perfect for women wanting to conceal their modesty when going for a quick dip

Kris Okotie Bars Members from Discussing Divorce For Fear of Mass Exodus.

Pastor Kris has barrd members of his church from talking to the press for fear of mass exodus of church members from his church which hes all to familiar. Members have been urged to respect the Pastors view of ending his marriage, considering the part of the Bibke that urges Christians "to get rid of the finger that could lead them to hell".
The announcement about his seperation from his wife came as a shock to his congregation consiidering the fact that they didnt have an inkling that anything was wrong with the Pastors marriage.

President Jonathan Off to Belgium On a Flying Visit.

According to Presisdential Spokesperson Dr Reuben Abati President Goodluck Jonathan is foff to Belgium for a days visit because he is due to deliver a keynote address at the Summit of the World Customs Organisation in Brussels. He would be accompanied by his wife Dame Goodluck Patience Jonathan and others.

Caught on Film. Governor Okorocha Buying Roated Corn

Dami Duro Crooner Gets Slapped in Abuja.

According to our sources Davido went to perform at a show sponsored by Nokia. Apparently Davido has a way with words and the way he talks to people due to his fame and fortune which he has allowed to get into his head, He was harassed and hit by a uniformed man.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Court Restrains FG from renaming Unilag.

A Federal High Court partially restrained the Federal Goverment form renaming the Univeristy Of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University. The case has been adjourned till july 4th.
Way to Go.

Funny Video -Wedding Party Falls into Lake

For The Love Of Art- Spencer Tunicks Nude Ring Cycle.

Over 1700 nude men and women painted in red and gold  body paint created an interpretation of  a scene from the Richard Wagner opera "Der Ring des Nibelungen" on Saturday the 23rd of a June in Munich , Germany.

Shan George Speaks!

Controversial Shan George said in a recent chat point blank that a majority of her female colleagues especially the married ones, are nothing but cheap dogs who abandon their husbands at home to have sex with politicians, business men and top goverment officials for financial rewards. While some of them are claiming to be happily married. Some actresses are allegeding that she' sone of them since she seems to knbow so much and that she's pained because all her attempts at getting married ahs always ended in divorce and is frustrated because she doesnt have a man to call her own. Nollywood and their issues.

South African Couple who live with Tiger.

His name is Enzo and he weighs 27stone.

 Nice kitty: Michael Jamison and girlfriend Jackie Smit bottle feed their one-year-old pet Bengal tiger Enzo on the kitchen table at their home in Brakpan, South Africa

Plans to Unseat GEJ 2015 underway.

The meeting, which had in attendance former heads of state from the North as well as retired military officers, like ex-National Security Adviser (NSA), General Aliyu Gusau and former ministers, is coming on the heels of a similar one between Tinubu and Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) presidential candidate in the last general election, General Mohammadu Buhari, in Lagos and Kaduna.

INSANE OR WHAT- Bulldog adopts Kittens

Molly a two year old american Bull dog has adopted a bunch of hungry kittens after only just giving birth six weeks ago. The mother of the Kittens was hit by a car, while recuperating Molly allowed the kittens suckle from her. SO CUTE

Lady Gaga Tweets Picture of herself in Racy Underwear.

Lay Gaga Tweeted this picture of herself befor she arrived Melborne ,Australia. Talk about a RACY-arrival.
See for yourself.
Lingerie lady: Lady Gaga tweets racy pic of herself in her underwear as she jets into Melbourne

Monday, 25 June 2012

Rivers,Jigawa and Bayelsa States Evacuate their Indigenes from ABU.

Due to the spite of insecurity in Kaduna State the Goverments of the afore mentioned states evacuated  Eighty of their indigenes from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria following the recent crises that rocked the state.

Wizkid - Azonto (Freestyle)

Lighten Up People

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Police authorities confirm that there was a jail break at Damaturu Prison this morning, over 44 inmates escaped.

Chris Okotie ansd Wife End Marriage.

     Pastor Chris Okotie and wife Susan Henshaw have ended their marriage after only four years together. He announced this to his congregation during the days service. This is his 2nd attempt marriage.

Ijaw Nation Happy About Azazi's sack.

Ijaw Nation are right now in a celebratory mood as one of their own as been sacked, saying he was an embarrassment to Ijaw, Niger Delta.. They labelled him a Persona non-grata. They welcomed the removal of Azazi saying he was incompetent. He was labelled a failure to the Ijaw Nation. And that he misled the Presisdent with his archaic classroom military tactics that did not work out in practical combatant operations. While has brought international ridicule and embarrassment to Nigeria


Saturday, 23 June 2012

KARDASHIANS-Kris Jenner defend her decision to put kim on the pill.

Kris Jenner came under fire this week for putting her daughter Kim on the pill aged just 14. But Kris is telling all who cares to know that her decision to be liberal with her kids was all in a bid to protecty her Children. She admits that she has no hesitation to put ALL her girls on birth control once they express interest in sex. She said Kim was very honest with her and said  "Mummy I think, I'm feeling, you know, sexual. She admitted this on the Bethanny Frankel's new talk show for Fox.

Close: Jenner tells Bethanny Frankel: 'Kim came to me ... and was very honest and said 'Mommy I think I'm feeling, you know, sexual''

Kris Jenner on Kim's Birth Control

Mother and Daughter 73 and 40 used online dating scam to gather $1Million from woemn who taught they were sending money to soldiers in afghanistan.

Tracy VasseurKaren Vasseur, 73

A mother and daughter based in the USA teamed up with Nigerian fraudsters to steal from 374 women the total sum of $1million by posing as soldiers in Afghanistan in online dating sites. They laundered the cash  for their Nigerian partners and kept 10% for themselves.

                          TRACY                                                            KAREN

Many of the women gave thousand s of dollars including a British woman who gave a total of $60,000 to her phantom boyfriend. Oma shei oh...................oyinbo sef dey greedy.

Culled from the daily mail

Friday, 22 June 2012

CCTV finally coming to Lagos

LASG in corraboration with the Federal Goverment are installing CCTV at strategic locations in the state. This is a welcome development and we hope it reduces the rate of crime in the state.

South African Police man Tears Nigerian Passport out of disdain for Nigeria and Nigerians.

A South African Policeman has torn to shreds a Nigerian Citizens passport with a valid visa out of disdain for Nigerians. Isnt it 'UN'-JUDICIARY................If theres any word like that. Please this should be taken up by  the Federal Goverment  because the Nigerian Passport is their property. WHAT AN INSULT!!!!


BH bombers were paid 7k to bomb church in Biu, Yobe State.

Seven suspected BH bombers where paid the sum of 7k each to attack the church in Bui.
Common 7k for a human life how heartless can some people be.

Nigeria at 100.

Federal Goverment of Nigeria through the Secreatary to the Federation (SGF) Senator Anyim Pius Anyim yesterday  inagurated  a 10-man presidential committee on Nigeria's Centenary Book. The Southern and Northern Protectorates were amalgamated on the 1st of Jan 1914. The Chairman of the committee is Prof. Tekena Tamuno.

Janelle Monáe - Tightrope [feat. Big Boi] (Video)

Cant Wait For Another Video From her.

Boy Invents Cancer Test

Cool FM faces Lawsuit.

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) has filed another N1bn copyright infringement lawsuit against Steam Broadcasting and Communications Limited, owners popular radio station COOL FM after filing the same lawsuit against sister station Wazobia FM two weeks ago.

Man Wearing Customized Boko Haram T-Shirt.

If this isnt stupidity i wonder what is though the man doesnt look in his right senses, if you ask me he looks high. Its definately NOT photoshoped

LINK HERE: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151067483047189&id=554322188&set=a.10150113503847189.321920.554322188&refid=28&_ft_=qid.5756586750270592759%3Amf_story_key.-5547769292599277373&_rdr

Tambuwal Relocates Family.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Relocated his family from Kaduna to Abuja ,Tuesday/Wednesday in a bid to save his family fron the spite of insecurity in Kaduna, its rather sad. What is the fate of the common man.

EXCLUSIVE: Well-off Nigerian University Students Who Stole 175 Thousand Pounds of Cash and Handsets from 19 retail stores jailed

A gang made up of mostly students of Nigerian desent where yesterday jailed for a total of 62 years the gang who were from the University of Hertfordshire. They went on a 7-month crime spree robbing Car Phone ware house, T-Mobiles and Orange Store from London,Essex a,d Hertfordshire between March 2010 and September 2010. The three ring leaders were Alexander Okafor, Oludare Gbajabiamila and Micheal Adu. in total 17 stores were hit. These members some times worked part-time at these shops just so they could get acquinted with how the security system installed works. They recruited 11 other members to help carry out their nefarious deeds
Oludare Gbajabiamila, 24 - Seven years
Micheal Adu , 21 - Seven years
Afeez Akinbode, 22 -Six and a half yrs
Vickson Agada , 20 - Eighteen months
Alexander Okafor , 23 - Six yrs
Christian Oni, 21 - Three yrs and Four mnths
Paul Ndem 22 - Five yrs.
Student gang get 62 years for violent phone store robberies

Caught on CCTV, a store attendant been tied down by Adu during a robbery.


EXCLUSIVE- Kris Humphries accuses Kris Jenner of been the master mind behind Kim K's Sex Tape!

Kris Humphries confided his then girlfriend Myla Sinanaj that through e ft ext. aes that Kris Jenner made KimK make the sex tape and demanded Kim shoot the tpe rnd over to make prettier! When would all this drama end !

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Reports are coming that there been multiple explosions in d Kano State...............More details to follow shortly!

ALERT! Many displaced in Aboru flood.


            Aboru a subhurb of Lagos state has  been in the news again not for good reasons but for flood, which has claimed the lives of 5 residents. Mnay people have been displaced by the flood. Please the LASG should come to the aid of Aboru residents. Thank You

K-STEW is Worlds highest actress.

According to Forbes  Kristin Stewart is Hollywoods highest paid actress, the actress has displaced Angelina Jolie. She earned an estimated $34.5million between May 2011 and May 2012. She was also able to demand an extra $12.5million per film including a share of the profits cos she realised she was indispensable to the studio as well as the Twilight Saga Series.

ALERT! Kaduna Boils Again.

An explosion of fresh violence has hit kaduna again with arsons and reports of gunshots reported across the city. Areas like Uguwan Yero, Badarawa, Malali and parts of Ugwan Dosa Kawo area boiled with violence wednesday afternoon. Houses were torched and people saw women and children fleeing the affected areas. Sldiers arrived Badarawa area shooting sparodically to dispense the crowd gathered. Since tuesday night Kaduna has been tense. With attacks spreading to Abj-Kd expressway.

MBGN Isabella Ayuk Disqualified after declaring false age.

Now they mystery of Isabella Ayuk would not be representing Nigeria in the Miss World pageant in Mongolia,China!  People close to her have come out to say she falsified her age infact her younger sisters friend confirmed that while isabbela claimed to be 26 yrs she s actually older because her younger sister is 27. My question is why was proper investigation not taken before these young ladies are presented to the public. Allegations are been thrown out into the open that the Silverbird Group know her exact age but choose to let her contest because shes dating Honourable Emeka Ihedioha, Deputy speaker House of Reps.
                                  CORRUPTION ON TOP MBGN. What a shame and disgrace!


You're a fool. RT : Y can't Christians target one friday and bomb these idiots in their mosques?

Third Mainland Bridge to be closed for repairs!

Coven of Salem Witches Appears in Court to support stripper arrested after deadly drunk driving impaled passenger.

A coven of witches in Salem Massachusetts,appeared in court to support a local stripper who was arrested on drunk driving charges after she crashed her car killing her passenger.
Apparently the stripper Angelique Catherine Griffin is very active in the local wiccan community while her uncle is a warlock. Thats why her people came out en-mass to support her. These people are getting bold oh.

Future King- Prince Charles and Princess Anne

Awwwwwww how cute.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Reps summon Jonathan and Security Chiefs.

Lets see how it turns out.


Kim Kardarshian admitted to Oprah as her family appeared on Oprahs Next Chapter that her mom  put  her on the pill as soon as she indicted she was ready to have sex with her then boyfriend of 2 years! 14 years...................................................................................i bow oh. Nigerian mom.........................NEVER. Though am not in support of that! What do you think?

Local fighting Maneta and Roki who do you call a 5 year old?

Maneta and Roki fights OVERTIME.



BBA and Drama-Maneta and Roki Disqualified.

Maneta and Roki                                                                           

Watch video here:

NEW VIDEO-Bottom Belle by Omawunmi ft Flavour

                                                                      LUVS IT

Time Changes Yesterday.

                                          A video of Sir Tafawa Balewa honoured in the USA.    

Is Mallam El-Rufai correct!!!

You decide.

Monday, 18 June 2012


Reports say that there are explosions and gunshots in Sabon Pegi area of Damaturu,Yobe State. Though now we are hearing repots that JTF has regained control of the area................Details to follow. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.


Right now in Nigeria suicides seem to be on the increase amongst our youths, which for us Nigerians is a very surprising trend considering the fact that we are not known for taking our own lives. Nigerians strongly believe that our lives belong to God and are taught such from a very tender age.

Are They Dating????

Speculations are flying left right and centre that don Jazzy and Tiwa are dating...................i find that hard to believe because they spend alot of time together because of work. If  it turns out true GOOD LUCK TO THEM. Though i wonder what would happen to tiwas manager/boyfriend!11

Friday, 8 June 2012



Is marrying OUT a recent Nollywood trend? Recently, actress Uche Jombo wed her Puerto Rican boyfriend Kenney Rodrigez, in 2010 actress,

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Young Nigerian Girl dies after having sex with monkey.

A young undergrad of an eastern university has died after having sex with a monkey according to our sources she went on a date with an alhaji who told her to suck and lick his monkey for $2000 which she initially declined  but later agreed and the deed was done. The alhaji later dropped her off in school and left! A few hours later she started complaining of stomache pain which she thought was normal later maggots started coming out of her private part she was rushed to the hospital but died a few hours later. Her friends allege she was used for rituals. Poor thing

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Susan Peters Fights Back

Rueben Abalti and his PHANTOM twitter Account

Dana Air Grounded

Although this does not bring respite or the loved ones back am glad dana air has been grounded and knowing nigerians they would never fly dana air. How i wish all dana services were suspended as well because they seem to have their tentacles in every sector of the economy....................stupid indians. How many Nigerians own airlines in india.

Google honours Dana air crash victims with black ribbon.

Am so sad right now and it hurts.

Gov Ameachi Post Governorship Largesse

Governor Rotimi Ameachi of River State signed a bill on the 31st of may which would basically ensure that he continues to enjoy the perks of the governor's office after leaving the office. The bill which is titles the Rivers State Governor Pensions and Fringe Benefits Bill 2012, is the brainchild of the execcutive and was forwarded from the Governor's Office to the House of Representatives for a speedy passage.

Gov Oshiomoles Secret Mansion

According to reports reaching us that governor oshiomole has a secret mansion where works are on going on the auchi okene road. we would keep you posted...................

Harold Demuren Suspended by the Senate.

Finally the DG of NCAA is facing the music the senate has asked him to step aside. The Minister of Aviation should face the music as well.


Friday, 1 June 2012

KimYe selling their homes.

According to entertainment news kanye west and Kim kardashian are both selling their homes though discreetly............me thinks they are moving together.

Stocks Are Falling.

Stocks are falling sharply at the open as Wall Street reacts to a horrific monthly jobs report that showed the economy added a paltry 69,000 jobs last month, way below expectations. The Dow is off 175 points, or 1.1%, oil is down sharply, and the yield on the 10-year Treasury has plunged to 1.49%.

11 year old boy survives Syrian Massacre

11 year old Ali el-Sayed pretended to be dead by putting his brothers blood on his body while trying hard not to tremble in fearstill to avoid been killed by the militia forces who succeeded in killing his whole family. How brave



6yr Old Kosi has been found.

Thank You all for messages , bbms , texts and calls little kosi has been found and returned back to her parents. She was found in warri, delta state and her captors hve been caught. Our God is a God of wonders.

OBJ endorses Buhari

According to sources out there word coming from Gen Buhari camp are saying the Genral may contest again come 2015 which doesnt come as a surprise like we al didnt know before but whats baffling me is the fact that OBJ is calling Buhari an upright man..............................20003/2007/2011 al OBJ was rubbish d man now hes endorsing him.................hmmmmmmm seems OBJ is dissatisfied with his boy GEJ. Only time would tell.

Police Tear Gas Students

I know we are not supposed to take sides but now thats what i feel like doing, Got a BBM broadcast that students in unilag were tear gassed by the police , which begs the question WHY??????????? Would update as more details unfold. Thank You

Nigerian Goldie Cries for love in bigbrother africa


Help us out here but is our very own self-titled Lady Gaga fake or just playing the game? Last week on Big Brother one of the occupants of the Upville house, Mampi from Zambia, made a comment that Goldie was fake before she was booted off the show on sunday. Yesterday, just because her so-called love interest, Prezzo from Kenya told her that they should be"just friends" she cried and cried so much that she vomited. She then proceeded to curl up in bed like a foetus until Prezzo came to appease her. If you haven't seen this funny display, watch the video above and tell us what you think, maybe she is changing her strategy since the "good house wife" one doesn't seem to be working.

Customers To Provide National Identity Numbers in Banks

LAGOS - The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, yesterday imposed fresh conditions for owning a bank account saying that from January 8, 2013 the National Identity Number, NIN would be a criteria for owning and operating a bank account in the country.

2shotz Disgrace.

Some students of Lead City University, Ibadan have accused Nigerian born rapper, 2shotz of scamming them by collecting money and not performing at their show