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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

GEJ Prays For Nigeria!

Yimz joor when he was supposed to say amen 3weeks ago he didnt ABEGIIII

Artsy Art-Lego on Display.

 A rare kind of art display is been shown in Reiman Gradens,Iowa. 14 displays made up of  45,143 individual lego bricks.

The mother bison is made up of 45,143 pieces of LEGO and the calf is constructed from 16,229 and is on display at Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University


Spice Girls forever: (L-R) Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham launched the musical at the the St Pancras Hotel in London, where they filmed their Wannabe video in 1996.

Spice Girls due to  Unite once again. LETS SEE HOW THIS UNFOLDS.

German Court Rules Religious Circumcision on Boys as Assault.

A German Court has ruled that circumcisiong boys on religious rounds be termed as inflicting grievious bodily harm. The regionla court in Cologne, Western Germany, "ruled that the fundamental right of the child to odily intergrity outweighed the fundamental rights of the parents". The court said the parents would have to wait till the child decides to get circumcised. They claim that the body of the child is irreparably and permanently changed by circumcision. This decision caused an outrage in the German Jewish Community. Wonders shall never end. 

Burkinis for women who want to cover up at the Beach.

A born Again Christian from Ontario has launched a modest line of swim suits to protect wearers from sun. chlorine and lustful stares.
Crystal  Huyben 27 told Huffington Post 'Modesty has always been improtant to me, believeing that our sexuality is an amazing gift from God,its something to be protected, and not to be put on display for all eyes to see" She has a huge fan base in a secular world and her customers are in all shapes,sizes and religion.  Her line is called Simply Modest.

The suits are perfect for women wanting to conceal their modesty when going for a quick dip

Kris Okotie Bars Members from Discussing Divorce For Fear of Mass Exodus.

Pastor Kris has barrd members of his church from talking to the press for fear of mass exodus of church members from his church which hes all to familiar. Members have been urged to respect the Pastors view of ending his marriage, considering the part of the Bibke that urges Christians "to get rid of the finger that could lead them to hell".
The announcement about his seperation from his wife came as a shock to his congregation consiidering the fact that they didnt have an inkling that anything was wrong with the Pastors marriage.

President Jonathan Off to Belgium On a Flying Visit.

According to Presisdential Spokesperson Dr Reuben Abati President Goodluck Jonathan is foff to Belgium for a days visit because he is due to deliver a keynote address at the Summit of the World Customs Organisation in Brussels. He would be accompanied by his wife Dame Goodluck Patience Jonathan and others.

Caught on Film. Governor Okorocha Buying Roated Corn

Dami Duro Crooner Gets Slapped in Abuja.

According to our sources Davido went to perform at a show sponsored by Nokia. Apparently Davido has a way with words and the way he talks to people due to his fame and fortune which he has allowed to get into his head, He was harassed and hit by a uniformed man.