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Monday, 4 February 2013

Beyonce Super Bowl Performance 2013 Halftime Show Super Bowl XLVII HQ

Dang she killed it, it felt like a breath of fresh air. Weldone Bey

Kim's Ever Growing Bump

New curves: The 32-year-old has suddenly blossomed since announcing her pregnancy at the end of December
Kim looked cosy in workout wear when she was spotted arriving at her lawyer’s office in Beverly Hills for a meeting. The 32-year-old was dressed in a baggy long-sleeved charcoal top over a grey T-shirt along with black leggings which clung to her famous derriere.

Ikechukwu Shows Us His Kondo

Apologies to DaGrin.......................Ikechukwu just had to show off.

Woman Racially Abuses Nigerian Student And Friend In Hospital.

RantLocation: The two-minute clip was filmed on Saturday at the A&E waiting room of Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk
The Woman and The Ipswich Hospital.
A shocking video emerged today of a woman going on a rant to patients in a hospital waiting room.
The two-minute clip, filmed on Saturday night at Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk, saw the woman shout abuse at students Gina Thompson, 23, of Nigeria, and her 21-year-old Spanish friend.
The woman asked them ‘where do you come from’ before saying: ‘You're coming over here and you're pleading poverty. We are paying taxes you a***holes and we are going down in this crisis. The incident happened when the Nigerian student took her friend to Accident And Emergency department because she sprained her ankle. The woman shouted in front of about 20 shocked patients and friends or relatives: ‘What has happened to this f*****g country’, before directly abusing Miss Thompson who was sitting down. Watch Video After Cut.