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Friday, 14 December 2012

Update On Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.

Ryan Lanza
The gunman shot himself as well as his dad at home. The 24-year-old man was armed with four guns including a .223-caliber rifle when he began the killing spree at 9.41am this morning.
Horror: Crying children are led from the school where the gunman opened fire on Friday morning

Crying children are led from the school where the gunman opened fire on Friday morning
The shooter as Ryan Lanza, 24. He slayed 20 children and six adults after opening fire in the principal's office and then moving to a kindergarten classroom where his mother, Nancy, taught. Children described hearing loud booms as the gunman let out as many as 100 rounds and as their teachers ushered them into corners away from his killing spree.
They were locked inside their classrooms until police came and evacuated them to a nearby fire station. Images showed the traumatised, crying students hand-in-hand as they left the buildings.

Jamie Foxx And Daughter.

Jamie and daughter Max.

Kevin Hart And Kids.

The comedian spent some quality time with his son Hendrix and daughter Heaven on set of  his new movie Ride Along. It  is set to premiere in January 2014. Awwwwwwwww they both look like their dad.

Kano Lawmaker Killed By Gunmen.

Mr Kademi was said to have been killed by some unknown gunmen at his uncompleted guest house in Hotoron Maradun area of Kano State.
Mr Kademi was elected as a member of the Kano State House of Assembly for the second time and was a former Chairman Gaya local government area of the state, He's representing Gaya/Ajingi constituency on the platform of All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP). The gunmen were on a motorcycle and had been trailing the Lawmaker for a while.

What We All Need To Know About Facebooks New Privacy Settings.

Facebook changed its privacy settings on Wednesday and it's important to know what the new changes mean for users, especially your digitally-connected children.

Woman Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine Inside Chocolate Bars.

Woman Arrested at JFK International Airport for Smuggling Illegal Substances Inside of Toblerone Bars

A woman was arrested at JFK International Airport for attempting to smuggle seven pounds  of cocaine inside of Toblerone bars and boxes. According to the New York Post, 22-year-old Ebony Gray strolled onto a Caribbean Airlines jet in Trinidad with a "bulging" bag carrying the contraband. When she touched down in New York, customs agents inspected her bag and noticed that the Toblerone she was carrying wasn't, in fact, Toblerone, inside they found cocaine instead of chocolate. The Post says that some boxes contained  "foil-wrapped solid sticks of packed cocaine," while others carried  "what looked like coke stuffed into other chocolate bars." She was charged with smuggling and was released after posting a $50,000 bond.

Breaking News: Shooting In Elementary School.

A gunman opened fire Friday inside a Connecticut elementary school, and multiple people -- including the shooter -- are dead, according to officials. Reports also said children were shot but it remains unclear whether any were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Police to hold press conference at 1 p.m. ET. About 27 people are dead including children.elementary school gunman identified by sources as 24-year-old Ryan Lanza, and sources say Lanza's father was found dead in his New Jersey home and his mother also was found dead,  Na wah oh this world is becoming crazier and crazier. May God be with the Families. Amen.

Google Introduces Holiday Hangout Zone!

Through the magic of Google+ Hangouts at the Holiday Hangout Zone, Google is setting up a really cool Hangout spot at the Silverbird Galleria where people can come and hangout with their friends and family, meet new people, win cool Google gifts and generally have fun. According to Google ":Our aim is to give Nigerians an avenue to connect with their friends and families in different parts of the world without being bothered about bandwidth and internet access. We would be providing high-speed internet, and everything else to make this as fun and productive as ever".
Hashtag: #HolidayHangoutNG

Chris Aires And Duncan Mighty Part Ways.

After partnering for 2 years, popular jeweller Chris Aires and Port Harcourt singer-producer Duncan Ikechukwu Wene Mighty have gone their seperated ways. According to Chris Aires he said that the partnership has gone the way it ought to have gone.

Supposed Jesus Look Alike Kicked Out Of Live Dart Game.

Nathan Grindal and Jesus.

A darts fan was kicked out of a live televised final after the 4,500-strong crowd interrupted play by taunting him - because he looks like Jesus.
Bearded Nathan Grindal was enjoying the clash between Phil Taylor and Kim Hubrechts when some of the audience spotted his likeness to the son of God.

Nigeria Is Ranks 3rd Of Countries Sending The Most Students To The UK.

1. China

The country that sent the most students to the UK in 2010/11 by quite some margin is the world's most populous – China. Some 67,325 Chinese students, up an enormous 18.1 per cent from the previous year's 56,990, were enrolled at UK universities last year.

Okonjo Iweala's Mother Released.

The kidnapped mother of Nigeria's finance minister, Professor Kamene Okonjo has been released 5 days after she was captured. She was kidnapped on Sunday in-front of her husbands palace while supervising ongoing construction. Governor Uduaghan said "The army and police have been on their trail and a lot of raids have been done. I think because of the heat they dropped her off on the highway," Though the reason for her kidnap has not been released.This is wonderful news. Thank God for her safe delivery though it hasn't been confirmed if a ransom was paid. She is back home.

Jenni Rivera's Body Has Been Identified.

Jenni Rivera on board the jet with fellow passengers just before they took off.
The remains found near the LearJet crash site believed to be those of Mexican American icon Jenni Rivera have officially been identified, and were turned over to her grieving family Thursday. The police conducting the investigations have been stealing from the dead it has been confirmed.