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Monday, 8 October 2012

Update On Tee Mac Omatshola Calling Bishop Oyedepo Out.

Photo: Someone told me today that his life ambition is to be like Bishop David Oyedepo..My simple question to him was..Are you ready to carry the cross like him too,to which he replied,Jesus has carried the cross for all of us..Do you think this guy is ready to face true life reality?..CKN
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  • Alam-hajim Ezeugoh This is a successful clergyman! Whose trademark is dollars sign! Praise the lord. Our God is good all the time. God loves a cheerful giver. The reward of the SEED SOWED, Hallelujah!
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  • Oke O. Collins Humm, this person ȋ̝̊̅S̶̲̥̅̊ not set to face it.. Bishop Oyedepo once said of Ɣou know my heart beat for God Ɣou got my secret.. Glory. We talk about total holiness
  • Aliyu Usman ...talk of get rich quick!
  • Fidelis Ejimofor Enwemeka The person is not serious and ready yet. Cross is carried individually. If he truly aspires to be like the Bishop, he must be prepared to carry his own cross no matter how heavy it may seem.
  • Tony Ej Iofor He perhaps has not seen Oyedipo carry any cross like Apostle Paul.
  • Confidenceabc Edozie D guy is building castles on d air.....evry man must face his struggle n carry his cross
  • Confidenceabc Edozie Besides he should b tinkin of becoming d person God wants him 2 b in d future ..... N succed at dat...
  • Robbie Honerkamp Oyedepo lives a hard life of deprivation. He could have gotten the top of the line leather chairs in his jet, but instead he got the next-to-the-best leather chairs because he's a humble man who's not greedy at all. And the jet itself? Do you really expect a humble man like himself to fly commercial airlines? He'd be surrounded by flocks of fans and the airline would have to delay the flight to get everyone away from him and into their seats. He only has that jet because he's just a humble man looking to help others out.
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  • Tee Mac Iseli God will punish him, my partner sold him the Bombadier Challenger Jet for 45 million USD and he paid a premium of a couple of million USD to jump the cue. Robbie Honerkamp there are real men of God who use commercial airlines, there are musical stars who use commercial airlines, Oyedepo is a typical money grabbing (tax free) fraud!
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  • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn Tee Mac Iseli that's a big allegation my brother
  • Festus Chike Onyebara The person Ambition should rather be to be like Christ.
  • Tee Mac Iseli Chris what allegation, find out what a Challenger costs and he has more than one air plane. My Quarry business supplied his organization gravels for 2 years for his countless construction business, I have seen more than many of his "flock"
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  • MC Buchi It doesn't matter, people make pledges & redeem it. i know of a brother that paid #7m tithe in 1996, he got the money & at liberty to buy & acquire whatever he wants. he engaged &...See More
  • Adenusi Patrick Tee Mac, you supplied gravels for two years, you said. You must have made good money from the organization.
  • Aliyu Usman @Robbie...the man does'nt like money &that's why i like him...just help the poor while airborne!
  • Robbie Honerkamp I know he doesn't like money - just look at that airplane. Do you think someone who liked money would have a jet like that? OK, I'll stop with the sarcasm now. :-)

The Uniport Mob Action,The Untold Truths,My Story By Emeh Achanga

I’m sad. The spade of insecurity in this country is alarming and this has forced citizens to take the law into their own hands. JUNGLE  JUSTICE we call it. I call it MURDER.I don't want to dwell on the reasons why these four University of Port Harcourt students - Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka had  their lives cut short in this barbaric manner. No1 has the right over another man's life.These boys were caught for alleged theft and tortured for hours and killed. That is the logline.

Baby Dumped In Faeces.

People are evil shaaaa how can you abandon a baby in faeces even if the mother doesnt want the child does she have to make sure dirt and disease kills it. May God help us the baby was saved by good Samaritans but  no one has been apprehended. 

Man Commits Suicide Due To Floods.

A 60 year old man simply identified as Friday allegedly committed suicide over the weekend after his farmland was submerged by floods. The father of 4 could no longer entertain the pains of N500,000 he borrowed from a bank which he invested in his farming business, as his farmland was submerged in Ebu community in Oshimili North Local Government of Delta State.

Reality Of Today

Justice Is Served For Aluu4

Yes one of the killers has been caught hopefully he doesn't escape and he points out his accomplices too.

Customs Seize Indian Hemp Worth N3.2 million

Indian Hemp Worth N3.2M Found Stashed In A the  Kia Car’s Engine
A couple has been arrested by the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) for smuggling 30 kilograms of Cannabis Sativa, locally known as Indian hemp in the Gbaji-seme area of Lagos.

Is Bisi Ibidapo Obe Really Pregnant For Dino Melaye.

 Pregnant Nollywood actress, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe has finally opened up that former Federal lawmaker; Hon. Dino Melaye is the father of the child she is expecting.

List Of Mubi Students Shot To Death.

By SaharaReporters, New York
SaharaReporters has obtained the exclusive list of students murdered by unidentified gunmen at the Federal Polytechnic in Mubi on Oct. 1st 2012.

So far security agencies have refused to provide the real identities of the slain students but in obtaining the list

Thailand's Got Talent (Bell Nuntita) Ladyboy

You may not understand what she's singing but just listen then you would see.

To Brighten Up Your Day.

HaHaHa saw this on nairaland i hope it would make you all laugh like i did. We need it considering the horrible week we have had in Nigeria.

7 Habits Of Men And Women.

Archbishop Of Abuja John Onaiyekan And Sultan Of Sokoto Alhaji Muhammed Sa'ad Abubakar III Nominated For Noble Peace Prize 2012.

The nominess for the award of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize have been announced and two notable Nigerians have been nominated, they are the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Onaiyekan, and the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammed Sa’ad Abubakar III, representing Christianity and Islam. They have however been campaigning against the activities of the sect and stressing the need for peace between the adherents of the two major religions in the country. Well done to them both. We pray they win.

Senate To Pass Bill To Stop Public Officials Kids From Schooling Abroad.

The Senate yesterday backed a bill that would prevent children of public officials in the country from schooling abroad. Senators agreed that the bill, tagged

Flavour - Baby Oku [Official Video]

Fashionisters Repping Nigeria At The Independence Parade New York..

Nigerian Independence Day Parade, New York 2012

Is There A Plot To Block Northerners From Presidency?

Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) over a recent comment on who takes the mantle of leadership in 2015.

Face Of A Murderer

One of the Participants in the killings.

Arrests Made For ALUU4.

According to a representative of the Rivers State Goverment about 13 people including the traditional ruler of Alu have been reprimanded. Lets hope they do not suddenly disappear from custody.
Meanwhile the coverage of the brutality and viscous violence endured by Ugonna, Llyod, Elkannah and Chidiaka- all students of the University of Port Harcourt- has reached a crescendo with people from all walks of life condemning the savage brutality that led to their deaths.

Drugs Hidden In Football Seized

The footballs filled with drugs.

Sniffer dogs, used by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, have detected three consignments of heroin hidden inside balls and woollen carpets, the agency said on Saturday.

Dbanj Signs Another Producer On.

He signed Divine Ifeanyi  known as DeeVee on. DeeVee was behind K-switchs latest single Sister Caro. Welldone Dbanj.