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Friday, 28 December 2012

Koko Concert Trek Of Life Funny Tweets.

Omotola On The Cover Of DSTV Mag Jan/Feb Edition


Bible is Flawed- Piers Morgan.

Outspoken: In an interview with Pastor Rick Warren, Piers Morgan called the Bible 'flawed'
CNN host Piers Morgan has said he believes the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are 'inherently flawed' and that the Bible needs an amendment changing its stance on same-sex marriage.

Kim K's Not Preggers Just A Flu.

According to different reports, that Kim Kardashian was apparently suffering from morning sickness and needed urgent medical attention. However, it turns out the reality star has been battling the flu and is not pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby!

Denrele Sums Up His KOKO Concert Experience In A Tweet

The Koko Concert has come and gone and Denrele summed up the day for us in a few tweets, alot of people that went didnt hve alot of good things to say about the concert like the long trek and dissing of people with regular tickets.. At least we wey no go no miss nothing. HaHaHa.

Gunmen Kill US Based Doctor In Enugu

A United States-based financial expert, Dr. Ogbo Edoga, was shot dead by gunmen in his hometown, Aku, Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area, Enugu State, yesterday. The deceased was a financial economist, who returned to attend the meeting of Nsukka USA, an organisation of Nsukka professionals in the United States to raise fund for the construction of an ultra-modern medical diagnostic centre in Ede-Oballa. He was trailed by a five man gang on  motorcycle and when they got to him they demanded for '' The money'', when they were not successful they shot him, he died on the way to the hospital.

Janet Jackson Tweets Sultry Picture

Newly engaged? Janet Jackson tweeted this picture and wrote 'Season's Greetings! Love, Janet'

Janet tweeted a sultry seasonal greetings card to her fans. Nice.

The Tragic Fate Of Nigerian Artistes By Segun Ajayi.

Died wretched, buried with a million naira casket is the saga of a rich fool in a home video entitled, Died Wretched. The flick produced by one of Nollywood’s pioneer producers, Chief Kenneth Nnebue of NEK Videos captures the folly of a young but rich man who watched his uncle and mentor die in penury but turned around to throw a lavish funeral for him.

Lt David Adeyemi Sowole, Co-Pilot Of Crashed Navy Helicopter Buried Yesterday.

Lt David Sowole was buried yesterday with full military honours at the Ojo Military Cantonment Cemetary, Ojo amidst tears and sadness

Will And Jaden Smith In New M Night Shyamalan Movie Coming Out 2013

The new promotional poster for Jaden Smith’s upcoming sci-fi movie, “After Earth,” has recently been released. The poster shows a post-apocalyptic earth and a heroic Jaden standing on his broken down spacecraft, ready to take on the wilds of a world that he does not know.
The new film also stars Jaden’s father, Will Smith, Zoe Kravitz daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, our very own Sophie Okonedo and Isabelle Fuhrman and is directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
In the film, Kitai (Jaden) and his father (Will) crash land on earth. Kitai’s father is injured and Kitai must navigate through a now, dangerous and hostile earth to save his dad and himself. Cool cant wait to watch it.

Your Child And Sex With Praise Fowowe.

As i said yesterday, we are starting a new series on our Children and Sex by Praise Fowowe who is a family life coach who's mission is to assist people achieve success and sanity in their sexuality and family life. I believe the key to building a great nation is building a great family and there can be no great family with a messed up sexuality. A child whose sexuality is already messed up may ultimately become a problem in marriage as an adult so I have a two- fold mission that is summarized as Raising a sexually pure generation and building the most desirable family life.is to build a Sexpurecentric Generation My Mission. Enjoy

The Coolest Gangham Tribute In The World.

Cold as Ice: A giant snow sculpture of PSY, the South Korean rapper who released Gangnam Style to the world, has been unveiled in China

The rapper has been carved out of snow and made into a giant winter sculpture in Harbin, Heilongjiang, in China.
As part of the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, PSY is one of the early installations attracting interest from the crowds. Held since 1963, the north-eastern city is perfect for the event since its Siberian-influenced weather means temperatures are on average -17C in the winter.
Officially, the festival starts January 5th and lasts one month. However the exhibits often open earlier and stay longer, weather permitting.