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Friday, 3 August 2012

Li'l Kim Trying To Hard.

After numerous Plastic S******* she looks like a HOT MESS.

Special Olympic Condoms

Is Ok!

Seun Anikulapokuti Remembers Dad On Twitter.

                              15 October 1938- 2nd August 1997.

Mr Ibu at His Best.

Our Leaders Should Learn From This.

Pat Utomi said , Nigerian governors should take a cue from this ingenious creature. Rather than wait for the leaves to fall, it has used it initiative to achieve its objectives.

Graduate Trainee Jobs Available at Dangote. What an Insult.

The Academy has just initiated a project called, /he Drivers Academy" which aims at recruiting and training 2,000 Nigerian graduates to become professional heavy vehicle drivers for the newly established Super Fleet of the Group.
This initiative will assist to uplift the operating standards in road transport industry, promote entrepreneurship and open up career opportunities.

Dencia Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz and Brymo Get Verified!

Sorry am just putting this up had to do my own investigation. Dencia with only 1 SONG THAT IS NOT SO NICE GETS VERIFIED which begs the question. whats the criteria to get verified because there are a lot of stars who are more noticebale than dencia and they are not yet verified.

For Laughs.

HaHaHa what do you think?

Femi Kuti and the Positive Force LIVE on a KLM Flight at 38000ft above A...

Tinsel Politics.

The old Angela Dede (Matilda Obaseki) vs the new Angela Dede (Leonora Okhine)

Old Tinsel Clip Season 1 With Reginald and Old Amaka