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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Policeman Attached To Billionaire Businessman Chief Harry Akande Threatens "I'll Rough Handle You; I'll Gun You Down"

This video clip was captured by Channels TV where a policeman threatens a citizen that he would "GUN HIM DOWN" in broad day light, i mean what gives. Though the Billionaires son and actress Dakore's Husband Harry Junior was on hand to calm frayed nerves, the Policeman's rant didn't go unnoticed. i do not know what happened but the Policeman has no right to threaten another mans life. Something needs to be done about this guy hes obviously a loose cannon that would carry out his threat some time soon that's if he has not already done that. The I.G of Police needs to see this video. May God help us and protect us all. amen

OFFICIAL VIDEO--Baby Mi Da - Dr Victor Olaiya Ft 2Face Idibia.

Beautiful Concept though i liked the original version better but that's my own opinion...........have one question though why does the Lady in the old school photos smiling like she had something stuck in her teeth. ENJOY the video and while you are at it spot the cameos...........