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Friday, 1 June 2012

KimYe selling their homes.

According to entertainment news kanye west and Kim kardashian are both selling their homes though discreetly............me thinks they are moving together.

Stocks Are Falling.

Stocks are falling sharply at the open as Wall Street reacts to a horrific monthly jobs report that showed the economy added a paltry 69,000 jobs last month, way below expectations. The Dow is off 175 points, or 1.1%, oil is down sharply, and the yield on the 10-year Treasury has plunged to 1.49%.

11 year old boy survives Syrian Massacre

11 year old Ali el-Sayed pretended to be dead by putting his brothers blood on his body while trying hard not to tremble in fearstill to avoid been killed by the militia forces who succeeded in killing his whole family. How brave



6yr Old Kosi has been found.

Thank You all for messages , bbms , texts and calls little kosi has been found and returned back to her parents. She was found in warri, delta state and her captors hve been caught. Our God is a God of wonders.

OBJ endorses Buhari

According to sources out there word coming from Gen Buhari camp are saying the Genral may contest again come 2015 which doesnt come as a surprise like we al didnt know before but whats baffling me is the fact that OBJ is calling Buhari an upright man..............................20003/2007/2011 al OBJ was rubbish d man now hes endorsing him.................hmmmmmmm seems OBJ is dissatisfied with his boy GEJ. Only time would tell.

Police Tear Gas Students

I know we are not supposed to take sides but now thats what i feel like doing, Got a BBM broadcast that students in unilag were tear gassed by the police , which begs the question WHY??????????? Would update as more details unfold. Thank You

Nigerian Goldie Cries for love in bigbrother africa


Help us out here but is our very own self-titled Lady Gaga fake or just playing the game? Last week on Big Brother one of the occupants of the Upville house, Mampi from Zambia, made a comment that Goldie was fake before she was booted off the show on sunday. Yesterday, just because her so-called love interest, Prezzo from Kenya told her that they should be"just friends" she cried and cried so much that she vomited. She then proceeded to curl up in bed like a foetus until Prezzo came to appease her. If you haven't seen this funny display, watch the video above and tell us what you think, maybe she is changing her strategy since the "good house wife" one doesn't seem to be working.

Customers To Provide National Identity Numbers in Banks

LAGOS - The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, yesterday imposed fresh conditions for owning a bank account saying that from January 8, 2013 the National Identity Number, NIN would be a criteria for owning and operating a bank account in the country.

2shotz Disgrace.

Some students of Lead City University, Ibadan have accused Nigerian born rapper, 2shotz of scamming them by collecting money and not performing at their show