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Monday, 29 October 2012

Flower Girl By Michelle Bello

The movie Small Boy, by Michelle Bello bagged two awards at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2009. Now, Michelle Bello has returned with Flower Girl – a romantic comedy starring Damilola Adegbite, Chuks Chukwujekwu, Eku Edewor, Chris Attoh, and Bikiye Graham Douglas. Also appearing in Flower Girl are Ahide Adum, Tosan Edremoda-Ugbeye, Patrick Doyle, and Teni Aofiyebi.


Photo: What else can I say...? Thank God it's Friday sha. It's wet all over Lagos today shey?

All sorts in the name of bread. I remember when i was growing up there wwas wonder loaf, mama ka abo bread. Mama ka abo was so "Ginormous".  It was N20 later N30 now i dont know if it exists.

Aero Flight Aborted Due To Fuel Leakage.

Aero Contractors, one of the few airlines still flying the local routes in Nigeria, might have had an accident save for a passenger’s prompt intervention.

Lola Alao Replies Bisi Ibidapo Obe About Dino"Gate".

"Bisi should leave me out of her pregnancy mess. How can an adult like her not know who impregnated her? Is Bisi a small girl, that I Lola, will now carry and give Hon Dino to date? It is sad that she has dragged him into this mess. Is she the first actor or actress that Dino will help? Why is she making a deal out of meeting Dino? Dino has been my friend for years and was even at my movie premiere several month back where he donated N10million. I wish to state categorically that I have never dated Dino, I am not dating him and can never date him because he's like a brother from another mother. It is quite unfortunate that Bisi is scandalizing Dino this way. Everything smacks of blackmail to me. Maybe she thinks since Dino donated N10million at my launch , she can scandalize him and make some money off him. I leave her to her conscience". In all this Bisi has kept mute.

K-Solo's Word For His Critics.

By Friday Nite , i will be Replying All my Twitter Haters Individually.............LOBATAN

When u all done. You will remenber your problems you left behind nursing Mirage matter......LOBATAN
We shall await Friday

Toni Payne Gives K-Solo A Piece Of Her Mind


The lady in the picture above is known as Remilekun. She was kidnapped yesterday night at a Mobil Filling station around Omole, Ojodu axis. No one can tell what happened but some men came and whisked her away. For any info on her please call 08073396179.

9 Things You Should Never Do After A Break-Up

Breakups can be a very difficult experience. You’re crying, confused, and your heart feels like it’s in a million pieces. It’s not called heartbreak for nothing. But learn to let it go. The world has something better in store for you. But while you’re waiting here are 9 things you shouldn’t do after a breakup.

Tee A Holds Special Edition Of TymeOut With Tee-A

YaaaaaaY Amiable Comedian popularly known as TEE-A real name Tunde Adewale has announced the special live edition of his TV show Tymeout With Tee A will hold in Lagos on Saturday December 1, 2012.
He said the show will be a replica of the proper show with MC Abbey and Princess – with exciting live performances, comedy skits, mock interviews, revealing interviews, give-aways and loads surprises.

Creepy Iphone App Goes Through Your Facebook Friends Galleries To Find Their Sexy And Naked Pictures

'Find your friend's sexy pics instantly': A screengrab of the Badabing! app's homepage
Concern is growing over a 'creepy' new iPhone app which scours pictures posted by users' Facebook friends to pull out all the photos showing them wearing revealing outfits.

Passenger Plane Left Unattended As Both Pilots Fell Asleep.

Dangerous: Their co-pilots returned from breaks to find them slumped over the controls, the Civil Aviation Authority admitted
Two pilots fell asleep while in sole charge of passenger planes thousands of feet up in the air.
Their co-pilots had been on the flight deck at the time and both had been alone in the cockpit, the Civil Aviation Authority revealed.

Jaleel White The Hot Hottie.

Child Stars: Where Are They Now?

Child Stars: Where Are They Now?
Remember him as Steve Urkel the ultimate NERD In Family Matters. Now he's the ULTIMATE HUNK.

Lagos State Government To Introduce Bicycle Lanes.

The State Goverment has concluded plans to introduce Bicycle lanes across major roads in the city. It would also encourage people to take BRT buses. Its an alternative to Okada. People who usually take Okada's to the bus stop can ride their bicycles to the bus stop and tie their bicycles to the bicycle post provided at all BRT bus stops and take the BRT Buses. Hmmmmmm this will just be suicide mission for some people with the calibre of drivers on the road, i applaud the State government for this initiative but no thanks i wont take advantage of the offer. Besides there would be no guarantee your Bicycle would be waiting for you where you left it.

Families Want Overseas Treatment For Suntai's Aides.

The wreckage of the aircraft carrying Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba, which crashed behind NNPC Yola Depot, on Yola-Numan Road… on Friday.
FAMILIES of the injured aides of Taraba State Governor Dambaba Suntai, on Sunday, asked the government to extend same overseas treatment to their loved ones as their injured boss.

Jim Iyke To Launch Reality Television

Controversial Nollywood actor Jim Iyke is set to host his own TV reality show which he won’t be calling Keeping up with Jim Iyke , sadly, just like the Kardashians on American entertainment TV network E!

Is Ashton Kutchers Girlfriend Mila Kunis Preggers?

Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
These two were spotted yesterday in Los Angeles, can you see what am seeing she looks kinda chubby arund the tummy. Ashton  BADT guy More pictures:

Neighbours Complain Of Katy Perry's And John Mayer's Wild Sex

Katy Perry Miserable John Mayer Dating
In case it wasn’t bad enough that Katy Perry‘s having sex with John Mayer, they’re now doing it so loud her neighbors are starting to get pissed. Via Hollywood Life:
"Katy Perry apparently had trouble satisfying Russell Brand’s wild sexual urges, but John Mayer certainly isn’t complaining! Instead, it’s Katy’s West Hollywood neighbors who are complaining, as the couple like to “have very loud sex, keep very late hours and like to turn up the tunes,” Okay we don hear

Naked Models Covered In Body Paint. AMAZING..................

Engines racing: The incredible designs will be used to front a major motor show as it tours the U.S.

Racy creations: The models are covered with natural, hypoallergenic paints, which is touched up once they are in position
The incredible motorcycles are made from naked human models covered in bodypaint and contorted into amazing shapes.