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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

8 Ways To Help Your Baby Have A Good Nights Sleep.

Getting a baby to sleep through the night is one of the most important things for many sleep deprived parents. Having a rested baby and rested mom and dad can make a happy family. Here are 8 ways to help your baby get a good night’s sleep:
1. Bath time- Make sure baby gets a bath every night. Not only will this help establish a routine, but the warm water and pleasant smells will help lull baby into a nice calm state.
2. Clutter-free crib- Baby’s crib should be free of all cuddly toys, blankets and bumpers to make sure that there are no hazardous objects in the way as your baby sleeps.

Wizkids's Pepsi Art..............I Like.

Laff Wan Kill Me Die- Slapps For Sale.

LOL I think they wanted to say slabs for sale. Oya cue for your slapps.

Father Whips Daughters When He Discovers They Uploaded Twerk Video On Facebook.

A disturbing video has surfaced showing a man whipping two young girls with cable wire after he catches them doing a sexually provocative dance known as ‘twerking’.The 30-second-video shows the man, apparently the girls father, dishing out punishment after finding out his two teenage daughters have posted a ‘twerk’ video on Facebook. In the video the girls take it in turns to receive a whipping from their father.