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Friday, 3 May 2013


Power player: The actress pictured at the White House Correspondents' dinner, in April
Kerry Washington of the DJANGO UNCHAINED fame reveals how Filming the controversial movie Unchained was not easy she said that the violent content and racially-charged language of the film took a psychological toll on her but to her ‘it was worth it to tell that story.’
Tough business: Kerry admitted she almost didn't emotionally survive the ordeal of playing a slave onscreen, pictured in Django Unchained



Indian Films have come a long way from the way it was in the 80s. Back in those days and despite the subtitles and the language barrier people in Nigeria still loved Indian movies.
Who for example remembers the romantic movie about plastic surgery, love and parental disapproval - YEH VAADA RAHA released in 1982, (duration - 2hrs)? I remember NTA  used to play this particular movie during public holidays and i never got tired of it .
What about MARD released in 1985, duration - 2hrs 57minutes?

Land Tussle Between Artists Of National Arts Theatre And The Federal Goverment

Dotun Alabi President For SNA Been Interviewed.
As we all know, there have been rumours that the National arts Theatre is to be completely sold. Our eyewitness found out it was true because today at noon at the Artists Village located on the outskirts of the National Arts Theater, members of the National Council For Arts And Culture (NCAC)  held a press conference to express its disappointing in the Government over the proposed sale of National Arts Theater especially the Artistes Village.

Wanted Apply Within.

Do they apply to became Pastors!! Am Curious.

James Bond Tinz For This Traffic Warden.

On top how much, what if she fell her colleagues would pounce on the Tri - Cycle driver and beat him senseless. How thoughtless.

There's No Nollywood But Igbowood - Norbert Young.

Norbert Young
Veteran actor, Norbert Young has recently expressed his distaste for Nigeria’s movie industry, saying there’s no Nollywood but ‘Igbowood. In a recent interview with THENETNG he said "it should be called Igbowood just like you have Yorubawood and Hausawood. It is not Nollywood if Nollywood represents Nigeria". We TOTALLY agree with him.

Banging New Hit From Mavin Crew Dr Sid - Lady Don Dada.

Dr SID - Lady Don Dada

Lovely beat from the Mavin Crew, loving the beats and all. Weldone Dr Sid. The song celebrates women and womanhood. I particularly love the background of the Album Art cover, look closely and see all the names written there. Nice. 

I Was Not Born Lucky I was Born Blessed - Tonto Dike.

                                                                     You tell em!!!

Common Mistakes Men Make - Praise Fowowe.

How available are you as a father to your children and what level of emotional support do you give to your wife? The greatest challenge in our world today is the absence of real fathers. The fathers are no longer at home and with no father figure around the children are left at the mercy of the media and society. I know someone is trying to justify his absence with ‘I make my family comfortable’ but what you may not know is that your children prefer the gift of your presence to your presents. When was the last time you attended open day or PTA meeting? When was the last time you spent at least 2 uninterrupted hours with your children or wife without a TV/BB/IPAD/???.......interruption? . A lot of our men are even home as if they are not there because how you can sit at home as the lion of the tribe of your home where nobody can play with you beats me. If all your children is a school fee payer then you are not a father you are their benefactor; if all your wife sees is someone who sleeps with her then you are a sperm donor and not a true father. Fatherhood is a lot of responsibility and it is not something you can do by Bluetooth or in absential.

Nollywood Actress Genevieve Nnaji Is A Year Older.

Happy Birthday To Genny, she is 34 years old today. Gods blessing.

Throw Back - Jennifer Aniston 22 Years Ago.

'I was chubbier': Jennifer Aniston has admitted that her body was a lot curvier 22 years ago compared to what it is like today. On the left she is seen at a book launch on Tuesday night and right in 1990 'I was chubbier': Jennifer Aniston has admitted that her body was a lot curvier 22 years ago compared to what it is like today. On the left she is seen at a book launch on Tuesday night and right in 1990
Circa 2013 and 1990.

Former First Lady, Turai Wins Case Against Dame Jonathan.

Former first lady, Turai Yar’Adua, has vowed a repeat of a thrashing she gave her successor, Patience Jonathan, over a long-standing land dispute, ruled in Mrs. Yar’Adua’s favour, Thursday, assuring the first lady that any appeal against the decision will fail. An Abuja High Court on Thursday invalidated a purported revocation order on the plot measuring about 1.84 hectares allocated to the former first lady’s organization, Women and Youth Empowerment Foundation, WAYEF, by the Abuja Administration. The court, presided by Peter Affen, said the claim by the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Minister, Bala Mohammed, that the land was revoked on an overriding public interest was not supported by any of evidence before the court, ordering that the initial offer to Mrs. Yar’Adua’s organization remains valid. Read the rest HERE.

Tattered Nigerian Nationlal Flag In Abuja.

Tattered Nigerian national and African First Ladies’ Mission flags flying side by side in front of Bayelsa State House, near Federal High Court, Abuja on Monday. What a shame.

Video Of Mercy Johnson's Child Dedication.