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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Kim K In Sheer Top.

Not slowing down: Kim Kardashian was flaunting her pregnancy body in Calgary, Alberta on Friday

Four People Killed By Gun Man In Colarado.

Barely three weeks after the tragic sandy elementary school shooting which left 28 people dead, four people have been found dead in a house in Aurora,Colorado, following a shooting which led to a stand off between police and the shooter. The shooter barricaded himself in the house. The police were called because shooting was heard overnight. When they entered the home they found the shooter dead as well as 3 other people. Aurora, near Denver, was the scene of a mass shooting that happened about 6 months ago at a cinema where a gunman killed 12 people and injured 58. Oh dear all these shootings in America is becoming something we hear regularly. This calls for tighter gun control laws, too many people loosing their lives due to recklessness.

20 Prisoners Escape From Sagamu Prison.

The prisoners made a run for it 4 am this morning by breaking the back fence of the prison and escaped while injuring some officials. Four inmates have been apprehended.

The Most Important Thing I Have Learned!

Some time ago and I can’t even remember when anymore, I subscribed to a site called Quora. It is like a chat forum where people come and rub minds – mature minds. You post a question, and people from all works of life (literally) respond.


Very funny tutorial by our very own Molly. She doesn't want us to write her full name down so we would keep that to ourselves. She has other videos so hit the subscribe button and you wont be disappointed. Too funny. She has caught on quite well.

Your Child And Sex By Praise Fowowe.

‘Thanks Praise for your numerous messages which has been changing our lives. I completely forgot how I was abused at 6 by my Uncles. 3 of them messed my childhood up and I remember the first one telling me if I continued to suck his penis that I was going to become a queen which I really wanted to be. He told me that queens become more powerful by sucking penis and I believed him before the other 2 took over and did terrible things with my body. I couldn't tell my dad because he was unapproachable while my mum was always traveling and she spent more time with my 3 year old sister.

Earthquake Strikes Off Coast Of Alaska.

Map of Alaska.

An earthquake measuring 7.7 has been recorded in the Pacific Ocean off Alaska.
The quake was centred about 60 miles (100 km) southwest of Port Alexander at a depth of about six miles (10km), according to the US Geological Survey.
The Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre says some areas are seeing small sea level changes, but there will be no widespread destructive wave that had earlier been warned about. May God save us all. Amen

Nigerian Sworn In As Councillor In Belgium.

Collins Nweke at his swearing in in Ostend City Hall as the first non-Belgian born political office holder in Ostend.
Collins Nweke, a member of Belgian Green Party was on Friday in London sworn in as Councillor of West- Flanders Constituency in Belgium. Born in Nigeria , He has been an active member of the Diasporan Community, Belguim. He is a  founding chairman of the welfare switching refugees, Founder Global Village,
Co-founder and first president Steering Minorities Advisory Ostend (MARO)
Urban Council for Development Ostend and alot more. He was re-elected last year having made history in 2006 when he became the first non-Belgian born politician to win an elective position in West-Flanders. He is married with two kids.

I Wonder How Much Dana Paid For This Publicity Stunt.

Celebrities who took Dana's inaugural flight were  Basketmouth, Buchi, musician Harrisong, Kuba crew and a few journalists. The Dana Air Flight 9J353 took off from  Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos few minutes after 10 am and landed in Abuja at 11.05.

Amber Rose And Her Funny Looking Suit.

Joking around: Amber joked on her Twitter, 'Oh u ain't know @chrisbrown was our first born son? Lol'

The 29-year-old model could not stop smiling as she posed in the hilarious outfit, which made her look like a giant baby chicken. She tweeted this to her followers 'Oh u ain't know @chrisbrown was our first born son? Lol.

Justin Bieber Spotted With Suspicious Looking Cigarette.

Justin Bieber smoking a blunt

Justin Bieber has been suspected of smoking a joint and the speculations have been out there for a very long time.