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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Boko Haram Threathens To Execute French Family Kidnapped in Cameroun

A video apparently showing seven French hostages kidnapped from northern Cameroon has been posted online, with a man claiming that a radical Islamic group from Nigeria holds them. The video, posted Monday to YouTube, shows two men, a woman and four children flanked by two armed men wearing camouflage uniforms. Another speaks in Arabic in front and says that Boko Haram has taken them hostage over the French military intervention in northern Mali. The unidentified man says Boko Haram wants its members freed in exchange for the hostages. He also threatens the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria. The vacationing French family was kidnapped in northern Cameroon last week. Cameroonian and Nigerian soldiers are searching for them in the arid, rural border region the two countries share in West Africa. So sad i pray they are found, imagine they were on holiday , these people dont know they are making the country look bad. God help us oh.

Osaze Odemwingie Shares Pictures Of His One Month Old Son.

Awwwwww Baby Noah is so cute.

Kanye West Turns Down Kris Jenner's Management Offer.

Kanye West and Kris Jenner
The head of the Kardashian clan reportedly wanted to take over responsibility for his day-to-day businees relating to endorsements and appearances - but the rapper is said to have turned her down. A source told US gossip site RadarOnline: "Kris has wanted to manage someone of Kanye’s stature and talent for a very long time. She feels that it could open even bigger doors for her career, and she is always looking to expand her client base.""Kris has told Kanye that she would love to be his manager — even though he has a team in place. “She said she would be willing to start out representing him in new endorsements and his personal life as it pertains to the reality shows. Kanye politely declined though as he is extremely happy with his current manager, agent, etc. Kanye doesnt like been told what to do, but good that he's putting his foot down else he would be controlled like a mule.
The Sun Newspapers UK.

Kim Kardashian Says She And Kanye Both Want To Get Married.

Kim Kardashian in Cosmopolitan April 2013
Kim opened up to the new issue of US Cosmopolitan magazine, telling them: "[Marriage] is something I know that we both want in our future, but I don't have this sense of urgency about it." The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has revealed that marriage is "something I know that we both want", although she's in no rush to walk down the aisle just yet. Well, she does have the small issue of her divorce from legal husband Kris Humphries to sort out first.

Oh Dear!!!! Michelle Obama's Dress Altered By Iranian Goverment.

Michelle Obama's Oscars dress
Michelle Obama's Oscars dress: what she wore (left), and what Iranians were made to think she wore (right).
Iran's semi-official Fars news agency Photoshopped pictures of Michelle Obama at the Oscars to conform to Iranian restrictions on images of the female body in the media. Fars, which is affiliated to the Islamic republic's elite Revolutionary Guards, redesigned the US first lady's dress so that it covered her chest and shoulders in a picture showing her announcing that Argo had won best picture, via a video link from the White House. Rules dictate that Iranian women shown on Iran's state television should have a hijab that covers their hair, arms and legs. The length of the censor's ruler varies for foreigners.

Kennis Music Cancels Annual Kennis Music Easter Fiesta In Goldie's Honour.

BREAKING NEWS: 15th Annual Kennis Music Easter Festival. CANCELLED.

They put this up on their website this morning. 

Astonishing Facts About Otunba Micheal Adenuga

First of all, introduction…lol! Mention Adenuga, and the next thing that comes to mind is Globacom (Global Communications). But is this well-fed African all about Glo? Worth a head-spinning $4.3 billion, Otunba (Dr.) Michael Adeniyi Agbolade Ishola Adenuga (Jnr) is the 2nd richest man in Nigeria, according to Forbes. That makes him the richest Yoruba on earth (I once wrote a piece on Deinde Fernandez but he has refused to disclose his assets). This reclusive billionaire has one rule that no one can change: he will only get across to you when there is the need for it, but you cannot get across to him. And when he wants to get across to you, he does everything possible to track you down. Nobody in his office gets letters or invitation cards without earlier notice irrespective of where they originated from. You just can’t reach him, and if you work for a courier company, it is nearly-impossible for you to deliver a package to his office. 

12 Common Mistakes Women Make- Praise Fowowe.

Punishing Your Man With Sex
I used to be a top management staff of a multinational and an associate pastor in my church but everything went down the drain and now I am left with nothing’ I was doing extremely well until my company was bought over by a new company and they insisted on changing the entire management team which I didn't  have a problem with but the devastating thing was the way we were disgraced out of a company I labored so much to build with my colleagues’‘My wife was the happiest woman while I worked because I ensured my family visited 4 different countries every year and she had everything she wanted but all that changed as I could no longer cope with the standard of living I had set for the family and all my effort to get a new job has so far proved abortive so my wife became the bread winner and I must tell you that it would have been better for me to have died than be subjected to the inhuman treatment I receive from my wife’.

I'M Bisexual And Proud - Yemisi Ilesanmi

Please watch this interview i think shes trying to hard to justify her lifestyle, story you can try all you want you don't make sense just making a fool of yourself as always.

Will Smith And Son.

Jaden looks like a small young version of will and i used to think trey was his lookalike now am convinced its Jaden.

Justin Bieber Spotted In A Gas Mask.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber
Justin Bieber was spotted out and about in London doing some shopping with pals wearing a gas mask but he wasnt hard to miss because of his large entourage and trademark hat. Once in the shop he removed his mask. Weird of all things to use as disguise.