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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Kim K's Pregnancy Behind.

Another day, another workout: Kim went to the Tracy Anderson gym in Studio City on ThursdayAnother day, another workout: Kim went to the Tracy Anderson gym in Studio City on Thursday
She was spotted at the Gym on Thursday. WoW she looks fat though from behind maybe its just me.

Beyonce Opens Up About Miscarriage.

Opening up: The singer spoke about her loss in her upcoming HBO documentary Life Is But a DreamA reason to celebrate: Beyonce showing off her bump while pregnant with Blue Ivy
Beyonce has opened up about her heartbreaking miscarriage for the first time,she addresses the tragedy in her upcoming HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream.

'About two years ago, I was pregnant for the first time,' she says in a preview.
'And I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life.''I picked out names,' she recalls. 'I envisioned what my child would look like.. I was feeling very maternal.' She lost the child in the early stages of her pregnancy. 'I flew back to New York to get my check up - and no heartbeat,' she says.
'Literally the week before I went to the doctor, everything was fine, but there was no heartbeat.'

Reggie Bush And Girlfriend.

NFL player Reggie Bush and his pregnant girlfriend Lilit Avagyan were spotted shopping in Los Angeles.
Reggie officially confirmed with The News in October that he and Lilit are expecting. Lilit is due in April. Meanwhile people are alleging that Kim's pregnancy was as a result of her Ex Reggie expecting a baby with his girlfriend who some say is Kim's Look Alike.

Funny Notice......Naija We Hail Thee.

LoL i wont dare go there because am so sure the beating us guaranteed that's the fine not the N5,000 how many people can come up with on the spot fines. 

Rihanna Gushes About Chris Brown In Rolling Stone Interview.

Coming clean: Rihanna speaks about her reconciliation with Chris Brown in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine

In the interview, Rihanna appears to officially confirm they are an item again following Chris's split from model Karrueche Tran last October. After Chris was arrested for assaulting Rihanna on the way home from a pre-Grammys party in Los Angeles in February 2009, she admitted she want to punish him, even though she still loved him.

Karl Lagerfield Slams MIchelle Obama's New Hair Do.

In an interview with French TV network, Canal Plus, Lagerfeld states, “I do not understand the change in hairstyle.” Not only did he admit to his disapproval, but he went on to compare Madame Obama’s look to that of a news reporter! “‘Speakerine do LCI’ typically has this hairstyle,” he explains, in reference to another TV news network. In between his critiques and bizarre comparisons, he exclaimed more that once that he loves Michelle — but he also adds, “The fringe was not a good idea.” Who cares about critics when you have the approval of the U.S. President? If President Obama is taking time out of his inaugural festivities to compliment your bangs, then you must be doing something right! Mr. President implied several times throughout the day that he was a fan of the new look. “I love my wife’s new bangs – she always looks good.
Karl-(listus) bikonu sit down jare, Michelle is not your muse , concentrate on what you are good at.

Journalist Flashes Serbian PM On TV.

 Ivica Dacic responds well to being flashed by curvy model

Politician Ivica Dacic was caught unawares by the cheeky prank during an interview for Croatian television.
He thought he was in the studio to answer questions on Balkan politics - but instead was treated to a full-frontal from the show's sexy presenter. Wearing a tiny, low-cut dress and heavy make-up, she kisses him on both cheeks and settles him in his chair as he is miked up. Watch Video After The Cut.

Meet Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Jay-Z Crazy Knitted Zombie Dolls!

He's got 99 problems but a doll ain't one: Jay Z's knitted counterpart even dons his trademark flat cap Poker face: Lady Gaga's yarn version comes complete with an 'I love Gaga' tagHand crafted: The dolls, which include Beyonce and Donatella Versace, have been hand knitted in a small town in Bali
Jay Z , Lady Gaga And Beyonce.
Meet the Mua Mua Dolls- an amazing set of fashion-inspired dolls hand knitted by young creatives in Bali looking for ways to raise University funds. They are made with yarn and are sold for £85 and can be found on GIFTLAB.COM.

Igbo Kwenu!

Chibueze Loperamide Anti -Diarrhea Drug.....................Me i would flee from his medication though they must be commended for such ingenuity 

$100,000 Worth Of Whale Sperm.

Mystery: Ken Wilman and his dog with the strange yellow rock they uncovered on Morecambe beach
It may look like a dirty yellow rock - but this 'stone' could be a piece of whale sick worth £100,000. This misshapen rock is probably a piece of rare and valuable sperm whale vomit nicknamed 'floating gold'. Ambergris, or 'grey amber', is used in perfumes such as Chanel No. 5 to amplify the scent.
While the vomit is said to smell like old wood or fungus, it acts as a vital stabiliser when combined with other ingredients. Ambergris is the intestinal slurry of sperm whales, which they eject into the ocean when they have a stomach or throat problem.

Khloe Kardashian Odom Isn't Maternal Says Lamar's Baby Mama

Step mother: Khloe Kardashian with husband Lamar Odom, who has two children from a previous marriage, in New York in April last year

The Starter Wives Confidential star told the New York Daily News: 'I don't know if she's good maternally, I don't know. 'As long as my kids are good, I'm good. As long as my kids are taken care of and I haven't heard anything negative, then I'm good.- Liza Morales.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Baby Bump.

Showing her changing figure: Kim Kardashian shows off her bump in a black vest and leggings as she heads home from the gym in Los Angeles'Was so lazy': Kim admitted it was quite a struggle to do a workout so late at night

Kim was spotted heading home from from a late night gym session, she opted for a tight Lycra outfit to show off her new curves. Nice her Bump is slightly making an appearance.

Hope For Nigeria.

Sleeping on duty.

Kay Switch - Sister Caro ft. D'Banj (Official Video)

Lovely Video, and long awaited from K-Switch.

Two Women Caught With Cocaine Nappy.

Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale were arrested at New York's JFK after cocaine was found in constructed 'diapers' under their pantsThe two women were traveling back into the United States after visiting the Dominican Republic
Two ladies were caught smuggling six and a half kilos of cocaine hidden in 'diapers' under their pants.
Returning to New York on a JetBlue flight from the Dominican Republic, Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale were relying on the cocaine girdles to give off a natural appearance.
However, Customs and Border Protection officers were alerted to the pair who had flown in from Santo Domingo when drug-sniffing dogs started to go wild. Checking their luggage, but finding no trace of drugs, the officers began a pat-down of the two women and discovered the cocaine filled diapers around the ladies hind quarters. The ladies were then read their rights and arrested and taken into custody. Chai the height of desperation.

Woman Tracks Down A Birth Mom 3 Days After Posting On Facebook

Jenessa Simons posted this image on Facebook on Sunday which so far has received more than 12,000 likes, it has been shared 135,000 times and she has received 89 comments wishing her good luck with her search

On Sunday Jenessa Simons, 21, posted a picture of herself holding a card with the limited information she knew about her birth written on it. The image has so far received more than 12,000 likes, it has been shared 135,000 times and 89 people have posted comments wishing her good luck with her search. She also received about 30 emails from people offering help - many providing links to adoption websites, although some offered false claims. The photograph also caught the eye of a woman who attended high school with someone who she believed was Jenessa's birth mom,the woman was able to provide information that proved she was real, including the fact that Jenessa had been a caesarean section birth.
‘She sent pictures of me as a baby that my mother had given her,’ Simons told ABC News. Her birth mother has also provided Jenessa with information about her apparent birth father.

5 Ways To Hook A Guy By Omotoke Makinwa

Davido At 10.

Wow isn't he a cutie, seems like yesterday he was just 10 now hes..........

A Must Read God Is Not A Nigerian By Okanlomo Seye Adetunmbi

Nigeria is an incredible country. I mean, it is one country where millions are suffering and thousands spend every weekend celebrating one thing or the other, spending millions of naira that are not available to the suffering millions. Nigeria is comparable to the United States in one aspect: we always talk “ests.” I mean, we have the largest, smallest, richest, best, meanest of so many things. If we are not the happiest nation in the world, we are the nation with the most number of PhD degree holders.
In Nigeria, we have some of the poorest people who have some of the biggest smile anywhere but we also have perhaps the largest untapped oil and gas reserves that have helped fuelled the reign of the meanest set of rulers. You see what I mean?