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Monday, 18 June 2012


Right now in Nigeria suicides seem to be on the increase amongst our youths, which for us Nigerians is a very surprising trend considering the fact that we are not known for taking our own lives. Nigerians strongly believe that our lives belong to God and are taught such from a very tender age.
On a lighter note, we Nigerians are also famous for our joyful, exuberant and optimistic outlook on life. What is happening to our youths?
                                                            Onyebuchi Okonkwo

                                                                            Tosin Oyelowo 
Take the example of the young Yoruba girl who threw herself off the Hudson Bridge in American last year and even the UNN student who hung himself only last week in Enugu State. In fact only yesterday a National Open University Undergraduate killed himself after announcing his intent via Facebook. What is happening to our youths?
This begs some very important questions; Why the sudden increase in suicides in our midst and yet more importantly, what are the reasons behind these tragic wastes of life? Again we must ask; What is happening to our youths?

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