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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sharon Osborne Goes After Lady Gaga.

Different views: Sharon criticised Gaga for wearing fur and 'meat', calling her treatment of animals 'sickening' Photo in question: Kelly pointed to this photo of Lady Gaga wearing a burka to a London Fashion Week, which prompted the Fashion Police correspondent to question if she was disguising a baby bump
These pictures started the drama.
Sharon Osborne published a letter to Lady Gaga calling her a bully, according to Daily mail it all started when Kelly Osborne was interviewed on TV saying Lady Gaga was pregnant because she kept covering her midriff in a ll her outfits and also that the singer was looking porgy around the tummy area.

She also said Lady Gaga's style had changed and you can’t bleach your hair blonde when you are pregnant,' she added. because you the singer has been spotted with her natural hair color in recent pics. The singers fans have responded to Kelly statements with death threats to Kelly even to the point of saying Kelly should kill herself. Sharon had to step in by writing to the singers manager and also copying him in on some threats sent to her daughter. Saying she thought Lady Gaga was against bully so why keep quiet while her fans bully kelly and that all the singer had to do was tweet at her fans to stop the drama. Her manager responded that he was looking into it. Lady Gaga responded by publishing a response to Kelly on her website Little Monsters:
Sharon Osborne was furious and responded on Facebook with her response.

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