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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

12 Common Mistakes Married Men - Praise Fowowe

‎LoveBirds Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe(c)2013
 12Common Mistakes Married Men Make – 4 #
 1 Misunderstanding Headship in the Home Anyone that gives a woman the wings to fly is the person she naturally defers to. I have had to personally encourage a lot of married women who have their pastor’s pictures permanently on their DP to take them off and replace with their men but reality is how do you display the image of a man who beats you and treats you like trash?
You claim your wife is not good enough to manage your money yet the entire burden of the church’s finances is on her. Or how do you explain that she has risen through the ranks to become one of the top leaders or HOD in her religious circle yet you can’t trust her with simple decisions at home. Too many women would naturally defer to their pastors because the man delivers value and creates an enabling environment for the gifts in them to thrive.   Many religious institutions are doing what married men ought to have done for their wives little wonder she talks more about ‘my pastor’ than ‘my husband’. Leadership can’t be forced and that is why as a man you need to examine yourself critically to be sure you are a true leader and not a task master. If your wife and your children were asked to vote for the man of the year do you think you would have their votes? And why do you think they would vote for you? If your treatment of your family is what will guarantee your eternity do you think you’d make it into heaven? You can’t afford to keep doing the same thing your father did and it is not too late as a man to humble yourself and get help because men who are wicked to their spouses become lonely when they grow old.    Can you apologize to her today for the way you have treated her so far and make a commitment to allowing the baby in her expression without feeling insecure? If you are a true head you’d allow the songs, the books, the ideas, the projects in her come alive? To be continued
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