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Monday, 15 April 2013

Halle Berry Rocking Her Bump.

Halle Berry is not letting expectancy slow her down. The actress recently told the press that she is still planning to portray Storm in the upcoming ‘X-Men’ sequel despite being pregnant with her second child.
Halle is expecting her and fiance Olivier Martinez’s first child together. The actress also has a daughter named Nahla by French model Gabriel Aubry. The actress intends to have her baby in France.

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  1. i believe halle was pregnant on thanksgiving when the fight happened this would explain why they settled so fast and gabriel dropped his end a new babydaddy is no good in jail ,olivier was lucky for the baby, halle is more than 3 months the stomach is to big ,halle is getting her karma back in spades ,gabriel words "A child needs a consistant and stable upbringing from both parents even if Ms. Berry thinks otherwise" his words in print look it up. devious, i think not ,halle does not want to compromise her words "people tell me all the time in my career you can't have everything at once " look it up ,not settling sounds like i'm not going to compromise.