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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hilarious Letter To All Lagos Girls.

Got This from Linda Ikejis Blog..............................

I just got this hilarious email from a paranoid LIB reader. She asked me to share it here as a warning to female LIB readers. Warning? Chai! Me gan I'm silly for sharing it, but let's have fun with it. Lol. See it below....

Linda please advise your readers to stay away from all these so called 'Island Big Boys' and 'Polo Players'. They are all USERS. They will sleep with you, they will never give you money or anything for that matter (they think it's already a privilege for you to be in their company), and when it's time to settle down, they will go and marry their so called 'girls with pedigree'. I know an ex beauty queen who's dating a telecoms big boy (she mentioned a name, I removed it) and she's already planning her wedding in Paris in her head. I already told her it will only happen in her dreams - even the dream sef go reject am. If you're not in their class, if your father is a nobody, do not bother dating them, except you're also just looking for a good time like they are. But if na marriage, you're sitting on a bicycle. I know, I have dated several of them. They are marrying girls with names and keeping us as side chicks. Beware girls!
Ms Che

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  1. What do these girls expect? Na longer throat they worry all of them... they are used to rejecting average guys... now they are complaining that big boys do not want to marry them?... please hypocrites!