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Thursday, 16 August 2012

EME's American Scam Concerts.

This post is to inform everyone of the nonsense that some of our Nigerian musicians pull abroad. It is understood that there may be hiccups along the road of a tour, and some cancellations. This is not unique to our artists; it happens to artists all over. However, many of those who cancel their shows do so in a professional manner and make every effort to either refund their fans, or reschedule the show. EME has cancelled shows in the US in the rudest and most abrupt manner, and it needs to be known.

In June of 2011, an EME Tour featuring Wizkid, Skales, and Banky W was announced. It was heavily hyped by many Nigerian media outlets, including
 www.jaguda.com and www.korrectnation.com:

Africa’s Recording Powerhouse, Empire Mate$ Entertainment, Announces 2011 Empire World Order Tour

Win Tickets To See Banky W, Wizkid, & Skales [EME] Live in Concert | US Tour

Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) Announces 2011 Empire World Order Tour

They were to visit many cities including San Jose in my California. The California show was scheduled for 23 July 2011. The show was to be done by Califoria promoting team, Royal Entertainment. Royal Entertainment made an event page on Facebook and were promoting the event on Twitter. Promoters drove distances in northern California, and went as far south as Los Angeles (almost 1.5 hours flight/7-hour drive), selling tickets and handing out flyers. It was, hands down, the most hyped event of the year. Hundreds of people purchased tickets immediately, scheduled flights, called off work and made plans with friends and family to attend what was to be California's biggest show. Here's the promo video for the July 2011 San Jose show:


News broke on 22 June, just two days shy of the first show in Washington DC, that the DC show had been cancelled and that shows in the remaining cities were indefinitely postponed. Rumor had it that Wizkid and Skales were denied US visas.

Wizkid, Skales Denied American Visas

This was never confirmed by anyone of EME. Nonetheless, Banky W issued an apology:

As far as the EME tour goes… it hurts me to say we tried our very best to pull it off. We did everything we were supposed to. Twice. Truth is, there were some issues that are beyond our control, and we kept pushing, trying to resolve 'em. We worked hard and spent a sh*t load of money in the process… but it wasn't under our control.

In anycase, we're STILL working on resolving said issues. And the minute they are, we'll launch a couple of make up dates immediately. I want to give a shoutout to all the fans who have been so patient with us. I promise, we're trying our very best. It sucks but we're trying. They say "U live and U learn". We've learnt too many painful lessons from this whole experience. We'll be back stronger in Jesus Name.
If you bought tickets already, ur entitled to a full refund. Trust me we'd rather be rocking with u than losing money, so pls understand. And lastly, we will resolve these issues we're having. And the minute we do, we'll put together a couple of make up dates. I'll be the first to let you know when that's happening, I promise'. Thank you, I'm very very sorry. But I promise we'll make it up. Stick with us we'll make this work.


Please see the bolded in the apology; I will explain the red later. Banky W, representative of EME, promised a full refund. That show was scheduled for 23 July 2011. It is now 15 August 2012. I have not received any refund from EME. I paid online, so the $100 I paid should have gone straight back to my account. I haven't seen anything.
Over the last year, I have mercilessly hassled Royal Entertainment for my refund but only encountered dead ends. The money I sent went to EME and not Royal Entertainment. They were just as in the dark as I was. I become frustrated and considered my money lost.
Fast forward to July of 2012. Wizkid, Skales and crew were in the US again for a few shows. Within time, another EME Tour was announced, and more shows were added to the EME schedule. This year's California show was to be scheduled for 17 August 2012, this time, in Oakland, CA.

Note this: Royal Entertainment did not contact EME for a California show. Rather, EME contacted Eche Emole, promoter for Royal Entertainment.
Wizkid, Skales, and Banky W have been doing an EME Tour in the United States this summer. They have performed in states such as New York, Rhode Island, and Minnesota. California's concert was scheduled for the 17th of August at New Karibbean City in Oakland, CA. There are pictures of Skales' and Wizkid's tweets, confirming the show below. This is the promo video for this year's show:


Yesterday, 14 August 2012, Royal Entertainment got a phone call from EME. Their show in Oakland, CA, along with the show(s) in Canada had been cancelled. Reason? These are the words of EME: "Something huge came up. We can't perform in your city or even Canada this weekend. We are sorry but this is huge."

Here is Banky W's apology for the 2012 cancellation, taken from twitter:

Hey folks... The Cali and Canada stops on the tour have unfortunately been canceled. Due to circumstances way beyond anyone's control.Truthfully it takes a lot to put on a tour. A million & one factors go into it. Along the way, sadly, sometimes, inevitably, things go wrong. And when it's out of your control, There's not much you can do about it at that point but learn lessons & do better next time. Truth be told, we take a pay cut while attempting something like this. A serious one. But that's okay cuz of the love the fans have shown us and the love we have for them in return. We're not in the business of blame games and pointing fingers. When poo hits the fan, we all look bad. So our sincere deepest apologies go to the fans in Cali & Canada, who wanted to be at the shows.. You will get refunded 100% for ur tickets. On behalf of EME and the promoters, we're all very sorry about Cali and Canada. We will work tirelessly to make this up to the fans there. With that being said DC, Chicago and ATL will definitely still be happening & We'll do our absolute best 2 make them the best shows possible. We really do appreciate all of the support, love and even the criticism. We're working to make sure yall remain proud of us. Thank you. Thank u very much for your understanding. We appreciate you all. And we don't take any of you for granted. We wouldn't be here without yall. Like I said, DC, Chicago, and atlanta will still be happening; and we're going to put on the best shows possible for you guys there. Thanks again. God bless y'all. God go make all of us bigger. We're grateful and we Love y'all forever for sticking with us.

Do take note of the bolded. I am doubtful of this year's refund situation. I only hope that this year's fans are not victims of fraud like myself and others in 2011.
As for the red, I highlighted them to show the similarities between the 2012 apology and the 2011 apology. Either he copied/pasted/paraphrased last year's apology or they have mastered disappointing fans. I am not only disappointed. I am crushed. I have been for over a year now. As for the promoters? Words cannot describe the stabbing in the back they have received.
Banky W said "we don't take any of you for granted". Lie. As you saw, the reason EME gave for the canceled California show was beyond vague. They were no longer picking calls from the promoters. One of them, @ogidika, took to twitter and asked why the show was canceled. Both Wizkid and Skales blocked him immediately. The promoter was not the only one blocked. Wizkid, or whomever controlled his account yesterday, blocked everyone asking questions about the show in California. So much for "we love y'all forever".
Just like that. 2 years in a row, Royal Entertainment and Californians have been screwed by Wizkid, Skales, Banky W, and the rest. Refunds from the 2011 show have not been issued. Flight tickets are unrefundable. If it was just one year, then fine. That one was understandable. We swallowed that pill and moved on (most of us anyway; I was persistantly asking for my refund). Two years in a row with the lamest of explanations is unfair, disrespectful, and unprofessional.
So, there you have it. You think it's only drug and sex traffickers tarnishing Nigeria's name. Entertainers have followed suit. Calling EME fraudulent isn't even an understatement. They are the new 419. If they haven't refunded anyone from last year's cancelled tour, how will they refund people from this year? A lot of tickets were purchased because of Wizkid's multiple confirmations on his twitter page.
California is angry and disappointed. Good luck to them ever getting booked for another show on our soil ever again.

New developments. Apparently Banky W and EME knew from the beginning that the California and Canada shows would be cancelled. Still, they (Wizkid, Banky W, and Skales) kept hyping the events, and had the promoters doing the same, leading to more concert and flight tickets purchased.

Tweets from EME Clan


The Promoter had this to say via Twitter(Biko read from bottom to top):

Read from botom to top.


EME una mess up gan. Would keep my ears to the ground.

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