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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bashir Tofa Falls Victim To Conmen In London

Presidential candidate of the NRC in the 1993 Presidential election that contested against MKO Abiola ,Bashir Tofa was more astonishing.

According to an exclusive scoop we received in London, Bashir Tofa who apparently was in London for summer was robbed in broad day light in Central London.
Alhaji Bashir Tofa fell into the hands some conmen while trying to play the good Samaritan.
The information has it that, Bashir Tofa tofa who was carrying a hand brief case was confronted by a lady with a baby on her back who pleaded he help her adjust the baby who was apparently crying.
The top Politician in an attempt to assist the lady dropped his brief case. Only to realize that his brief case has been stolen before he could look back.
In the state of his confusion, the woman disappeared into thin air in the overcrowded London city full of visitors from across the world that came for the Olympics.
Our source said over 50,000 pounds and other very important relevant documents were lost in the process.
It is yet to be known if Alhaji Tofa made a formal report to the Metropolitan police about the robbery incident.

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