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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Your Child And Sex 5-8 Years - Praise Fowowe.

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2014
Your Child and Sex 20– CURIOSITY & I (5-8years)
Sir, for 9 years I suffered untold abuse in the hands of my father after I lost my mother. It all started when my mum died I was 8 and my aunt moved in to live with us for about 7months and went back. I used to be very terrified every night and was having nightmares so he insisted I slept beside him which I started doing. He would cuddle me and I never saw anything wrong with it until I clocked 11 and he started fingering me.
I started resisting him and he became violent and would deprive me of basic needs unless I co-operated with him. From that moment he started sleeping with me how I hated what he was doing but was helpless. I could identify with all you have been sharing sir because I went through hell till I was 20 and had to move out of the house. 2 times I aborted pregnancies for him. Now we are so far apart that I can’t even stand his sight. People have been wondering why I have never been visiting him but who do I explain his demonic act to?’(Susan-PH).
We covered who your child must avoid yesterday but today there are some effects of child sexual abuse that you must share with your children at this age and they include: Bad dreams – nightmare, Fear , Low self esteem, Lose of your sanity and virginity, Bad future, Sickness and disease, Death , Helplessness. Help your child understand that the predator is at fault for every form of abuse and not the child and that is why they must learn to report at all times because many children are intimidated into believing that the abuse was their fault. Encourage your child to open up and don’t express agitation when they begin to talk.
To be continued
I honour you.
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Praise Fowowe is a Sexuality Education and Family Life Coach
Website: www.praisefowowe.com
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