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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Drug Mule Andrea Waldeck Blames Her Travail On Nigerian Gang.

British former police community support officer Andrea Waldeck has been jailed for 14 years in Indonesia after pleading guilty to smuggling crystal meth into the country. The 43-year-old former PCSO with Gloucestershire Police had previously admitted trafficking the drug, often referred to as 'ice', worth more than £3,000, into Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city, in April last year.
Waldeck had earlier heard prosecutors demand a sentence of 16 years, so when the verdict was handed down by three judges her reaction was not unexpected. She was also ordered to pay the equivalent of a fine of £100,000. Her defence team had also argued that she had carried the drugs, worth £3,000, into the country under duress after being threatened by a Nigerian man in China who had told her that people from his country 'killed people'.But she said she had fallen in with the wrong crowd and a Nigerian friend threatened her if she did not agree to carry the crystal meth when she set off on her planned business trip to Indonesia. She said the man had told her: 'I'm Nigerian. You know about Nigerians. We kill people.' Na wah oh. DM.

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